Josie Gibson writes Weight Loss book – ‘The Josie Gibson Diet’

She was the curvy, larger than life girl from next door who bagged the show’s most desirable contestant, JohnJames, but unbeknown to the viewers, she was not happy with her weight. Now, former Big Brother winner Josie Gibson looks a whole lot different from the size 20 she was when she won the show and our hearts. After a lot of hard work and a complete change in diet, Josie has managed to shed an amazing six stones in weight, and dropped to a dress size 8.

Josie Gibson © RSH

Josie Gibson © RSH

Josie has on previous occasions told the press that she was shocked into losing weight after seeing a photograph of herself in a bikini on a beach. She described herself as a ‘beast’, and undertook a strict regime of exercise and dieting in order to lose the weight.

The Josie Gibson Diet Book

Now, she has written a book, aimed at ladies who are struggling to get rid of the extra pounds, and it is packed full of advice, recipes and Josie’s very own ten step rule. And when you figure that Josie went from 16st 7lb to 10st 2lb, it is easy to see why this book will be a best seller.


We have had a sneaky peek at the book, and what we like about it most is the way it is written. It’s written as if you are chatting with a best friend who has been there, done it, lost the weight and who now wants to help you. There is a definite warmth that comes across from Josie’s writing and as such, you feel that you can trust her.

In the book, Josie talks about the reasons people are overweight, and this includes her own personal story as a backdrop. She discusses how excess weight affects every aspect of your life, and that even though you can pretend that you are happy with your weight, really you are kidding yourself. She also talks about our personal relationships with food that need to change and how we have to acknowledge those before we can move on and change how we look.

Josie Gibson © Dan Kennedy

Josie Gibson © Dan Kennedy

Josie Ten-Step Diet Rules

The ten-step rule includes such tips as:

  1. Love who you are and like yourself. You have to believe you are worthy enough to make the change and be the best that you can.
  2. Set a goal, envision it and keep it visible everyday. If a celebrity is your inspiration keep a picture of them on the fridge.
  3. Keep track of your results. Seeing how well you are doing will help you in the long run.
  4. Write down the things that made you want to lose weight. Make sure you know exactly why you are doing this.
  5. Make sure that diet and fitness is your top priority. Eating healthily shouldn’t be a last minute decision, it should be the first thing you think about.
  6. Keep away from processed, high fat and sugared foods. Check the labels of supermarket foods and know what contains what.
  7. Keep healthy snacks readily available. It’s easy to reach for a chocolate bar but if you’ve made healthy brownies you’re more likely to eat those instead.
  8. Reward yourself when you do well. Give yourself a little treat when you achieve a goal. It will keep you going.
  9. Regular exercise is a must. Get into the habit of incorporating exercise into your everyday routine.
  10. If you have a set back, it’s not the end of the world. Just pick yourself and carry on.

Josie’s book is packed full of recipe ideas, tips on sugar addiction and exercise routines.

Josie’s book The Josie Gibson Diet is available from Amazon, reduced from £12.99 to £7.00.

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