Big Brother 2011: The Housemates Line Up

If you have been suffering withdrawal symptoms from yesterday’s final of Celebrity Big Brother then fear not, as we have the definitive line-up of the housemates for you, all fourteen of them!

Mark Henderson– 30 – Salesman

He loves animals so much so that he bought a pig on holiday. He struggles to grow facial hair, has a phobia of egg whites, sponsors a monkey called Lu Lu and when he entered the house said “Don’t say anything stupid,” then made a horse noise.

Maisy James – 19 – Sales Assistant

Works at Abercrombie & Fitch, wants to be an actress, will ditch a boyfriend if someone better comes along, says success is very important to her. Got a mixed reaction from the crowd but told them to ‘shut up’! Can only cook beans on toast.

Aaron Allard – 30 – Personal Trainer

Describes himself as arrogant, is single says his success rate is difficult to measure with the ladies but never has any trouble, he always gets want he wants. Thinks there are hundreds of things that will wind him up in the house.

Heaven Africa – 30 – Model & Dancer

Is never ill as she treats herself holistically, she can’t look at her own nose, hates fake people although she was wearing a hair piece to enter the house, eats eight meals a day. Says ‘don’t mess with her food!’

Tom O’Connell – 20 – Student

With his wild curly hair entered the house wearing a stripy cardigan and professed he was bisexual. Doesn’t like fat girls, his party trick is to get his c**k out apparently as it is ‘massive’. He mimes to sad songs and gets moved.

Tashie Jackson – 21 – Belly Dancer

Wearing huge glitter platforms she is teetotal, speaks five languages in which she can swear in all of them, is very confident about her body, thinks she is sexy and bought in a roll of cling film as her luxury item.

Aden Theobald – 19 – Computer Salesman

Has a weird exterior that belies his own intelligence with an IQ of over 160 but he cannot prove it. Wants to be a therapist when he is older so he can help people, hopes his degree in Psychology will help him pull some of the ladies.

Alex Lee – 18 – MacDonalds Worker

Works at MacDonalds taking the orders, wants to prove that all blondes are not stupid or look like trannies, although she does admit to looking a little like a Barbie doll. Has a soft spot for Dappy from Ndubz and wants him to vote for her.

Harry Blake – 23 – Business Owner

Owns a milk-shake company where his favourite flavour is currently banana and peanut butter. Thinks the world should have more posh people in it as money makes the world go round. Agrees with fox hunting as the fox hunts for fun.

Rebeckah Vaughan – 28 – Bar Assistant

Works at Spearmint Rhino but also runs a dance school for underprivileged children. Feels like a bit of a Robin Hood character as she like to take from the rich and give back to the poor. Will spice it up in the house by teasing the boys as men make her angry as they break women’s hearts.

Anton Murphy – 23 – Musician

Was part of a gang culture but thanks his mum for getting him out of that by giving him a private education. Says he’s happy to talk to street people and posher types as he can talk to anyone. Did once play for Crystal Palace and says he is the people’s champion.

Faye Palmer – 20 – Wrestler

Trains very hard and is always in the gym at least 6 times a week. Very competitive about her body and doesn’t like it if someone has a better one than her. Her alter ego is called ‘Darcy Steele’ and she may bring her into the house.

Jay Mac Kray – 27 – Plumber

From Newcastle a true geordie boy, is a barber as well and goes to the gym to train every day. Will bring sheer entertainment to the house and uses UV tweezers as part of his beauty regime. Loves his mum and was named in the Top 12 Best Looking Men in Newcastle n a local radio poll.

Louise Cliff – 25 Model

From Manchester, says she gets lots of male attention but hardly anyone ever approaches her. Is single and not a typical model as she loves eating chips. Hates coffee and even the smell of it makes her feel sick, she is scared of the dark and has to sleep with the light on.


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