Big Brother 2011: Heaven and Rebeckah Up for Eviction – Who Will Go?

It’s been a busy week in the Big Brother house this week. With a full on row between Heaven and Rebeckah which started when Heaven confided in Aden that she should be careful of certain people in the house and then asking Rebeckah to get off her bed. Rebeckah then stormed into the living area after Heaven did not go on her bed and confronted her.

When Heaven told her that she was worried about Rebeckah’s ‘negative energy’ affecting her Rebeckah shrieked back at her “Are you f**king crackers?!” And then came the nominations. Rebeckah nominated Heaven but Heaven did not reciprocate. Evidently the house had enough of the sparring pair and both ladies now face the public vote, but who will go?

General public consensus says that it will be Rebeckah, whose ongoing antics with Aden are somewhat misleading at best. The poor 19 year old is completely besotted with her and many people think she is playing him along.

One minute she is loving his attention, the next she is dissing him in front of the housemates. And no one seems to be telling him what her game is. It appears to us on the outside that she is coming across as a manipulative person who will go for the weakest in the group to gain attention. Strange as in her pre Big Brother interview she stated that she hated men and yet in the house she has done everything she can to gain male attention.

Heaven Africa

And what of Heaven? A kooky personality no doubt but this may not be enough to save her. Her bungee jump featured on tonight’s show however could be a turning point as she was clearly distressed but still went ahead and did the jump despite her fears. And it appeared that Rebeckah was the last person to congratulate her after her jump with Aaron physically having to pull her over to the crowd that had formed around her cheering after she had landed.

Then we had a second argument in which Heaven was comforting Faye after a row with Tom when he complained about people trashing his stuff in the bedroom. Rebeckah stepped in and jokingly made a comment which referred to Heaven asking her to get off her bed in their previous row. Heaven then tried to dissipate the comment saying it was inappropriate but Rebeckah replied saying that as she was a ‘trained counsellor’ she knew what she was talking about, after sniggering with Aden on her own bed about negative energy.

So who will you decide?

To vote for Heaven call – 090 16 16 17 07

To vote for Rebeckah call – 090 16 16 17 12

Calls cost 36p from a BT landline.  Calls from other networks may vary and from mobiles will cost considerably more. Voting closes in Friday 23rd September’s eviction show.

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