Big bags – a help or a hindrance?

First it’s big bags that are in fashion, and the next it’s small bags, but what’s best?

A woman with a Big bag

A woman with a Big bag

The bigger the bag we have, the more things we’ll take out with us; fact. But, this has its plus sides, as it means we can carry pretty much anything we like, within reason of course, consequently being able to take just about everything out with us except the kitchen sink.

However, it also means we end up lugging a large bag around unnecessarily; I mean, do we really need to take our makeup bag, our hair brush, our nail varnish, and our phone charge with us on a trip to the zoo? Are we really going to stop and charge our phone? Of course not.

Oversized bags are everywhere, thanks to us increasingly seeing celebrities in the media carrying them. But is the size of them a hindrance to us, as they’re so hard to carry? And are they affecting the health of our backs?

Research has suggested that carrying any weight on our shoulder that is 10% or more of own body weight causes our balance to change, with us subconsciously bending over towards to same side as the weight, damaging our spine.

If you’ve already damaged your shoulder by carrying an oversized bag, here are some helpful hints to prevent it happening again:

  • Spread the load- think about whether you actually need to take out everything you’ve piled in your bag.
  • Switch shoulders- if you need to take out everything in your bag, and it’s heavy, make sure you frequently put the bag on different shoulders, rather than the pressure being on just one.
  • Rather than carrying a shoulder bag just because it’s fashionable, switch to a backpack, as it’s easier to carry a heavy load on your back.
  • Don’t rest your bag on your forearm as seen on celebrities, because this will quickly cause forearm pain, and could result in ‘tennis elbow’. This is where the tendon that joins your muscle of your forearm to your upper arm bone tears.
  • Only carry a heavy bag for a short period of time, or with regular breaks.

So, if you intent on carrying an oversized back, just like the celebs, then make sure you carry it without damaging yourself. Otherwise, you could be paying for looking fashionable with a lifetime of back damage and pain, which is a big price to pay!

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