Bicycle Helmet: Protecting Yourself from Motorcycle Head Injuries

Bicycle helmet is an essential protective gear that every cyclists must wear in order to prevent head injuries from bicycle or motorcycle accidents. There are various states that are already implementing laws regarding the mandatory wearing of these protective helmets by all cyclists. Therefore, it is very important to be aware if the state where you are currently residing is also implementing such law. This law was made because of the increasing incidence of motorcycle accidents that resulted to fatal head injuries.

Bicycle Helmet

Bicycle Helmet

According to National Highway Traffic Administration, 70% of all motorcycle accidents lead to certain types of head injuries.  Therefore, to decrease the occurrence of such fatal injuries, it is very important for each cyclist to follow the law regarding mandatory wearing of bicycle helmet when they are in the road. However, some people find wearing helmets uncomfortable and out of style. But one must always remember that safety is more important than anything else. Hence, despite of any discomfort brought about by wearing helmets, one must still follow the law.

According to some people, wearing of bicycle helmet is very uncomfortable. Because it encloses the head, they feel hot and stuffy inside when wearing one. They also find helmets very unstylish and goofy looking. Because of such disadvantages cited by many cyclists about wearing helmets, a lot of manufacturers find ways on how they can improve the look and functionality of their products.

Many helmet manufacturers improved the venting system of the helmets making it easier for the air to flow. This reduces the sensation of heat that many cyclists complain about helmets. The manufacturers also think of new designs that will make the helmets more attractive looking and appealing to many cyclists. There are a lot of designs that one can choose from depending on his style. Therefore, wearing helmets is not so unstylish anymore.

The most important thing when choosing the right helmet for you is to check if it fits snugly and nicely to your head. If it fits properly on your head then it means that the helmet can very well protect your head for crash injuries. Hence, it is very important to choose a helmet with adjustable rings so that it is more secured to your head. Bicycle helmet can provide 85%-88 protection from head injuries and hence the single most effective way to prevent from acquiring one according to the National Highway Traffic Administration.

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