Beyonce puts an earring on Obama!

President Barack Obama has publicly stated that any campaigning for the election is on hold whilst Hurricane Sandy is wreaking its way across the east coast of America, but some of his greatest fans are still showing their support by whatever means they can. One of his biggest fans – Beyonce, has blinged up her show of support by wearing a pair of earrings that say Obama and the designer who created them has been inundated with enquiries, with sales going through the roof. Beyonce was spotted Saturday evening dining at Giorgio Restaurant in Manhattan with her hubby, Jay-Z, proving that she is politically correct and stylish too!

Fans all over the world are snapping up the Obama earrings that cost $32 a pair and have been designed by Puerto Rican jewelry designer, Erika Peña. The designer says that the very minute photos of Beyonce wearing the earrings emerged, she was flooded with orders for the $32 set. Speaking to TMZ, Erika says she’s now sold over 1,300 pairs and says that London is credited with making the most orders. However, many of the ladies think that the O in Obama is missing, but the designer says that it is the large hoop that is supposed to stand for the first letter in OBAMA.

Photo Credit: Erika Pena

It has always been known that Beyonce has been a most vocal supporter of the President and she often uses fashion to show her support for Obama having previously painted his name on her nails . The singer and actress has often attended and performed at benefits and dinners the President has put on. Her most memorable performance was at the Commander in Chief’s inaugural ball where she sang Etta James’ ‘At Last’ whilst President Obama danced with his First Lady Michelle. Earlier this year the Grammy-award winning singer used fashion to show her support for the first black President, with the letters of his second name painted on each of her nails.

The gold version of Erika’s Obama earrings are currently out of stock but you can still get hold of a pair of the silver ones at her website – http://www.erikapenashop.com/

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