Better dining with a table runner

Bamboo table runner for a rustic look to your dining room

The last dinner party that I held was a hit. Everybody loved the food and admired the decorations. Most people commented on the dinner table decoration. They all said that it looked very different and beautiful. All the women wanted to know how I had transformed our wooden table into a masterpiece. I told them that the secret was to use a table runner.

Our wooden table was bare and plain. There was nothing really great about it. But we had never wanted to change it because it had been in the family for quite a bit and can seat about eight people at a go. So when I started planning this dinner I knew I had to do something to cover it up and make it look good. I decided that I would not use too many decorations. I used the solid red colour table-cloth. It still looked to plain. Then it struck me that using runners might be a good idea. So I used simple plain black runners. Since our table was round I used it to divide the table into four parts laying it across the table like a cross. Then adorned the centre of the table with flowers picked from my garden and Voila! It looked beautiful.

Table runners add elegance to the dining table. Runners are used over table cloths to make the dining table look more sophisticated. Table runners can be paired with the table-cloth so that it does not clash with the colours or style of the table-cloth. Table runners increase the beauty of the dining table and provide a pleasant atmosphere while dining. Check out www.nextag.com for some beautiful and elegant designs table runners.

Table runner covers the middle of the table. It runs along the length of the table. Table runners can be used to create a theme for decorating the dining table. When used with a table-cloth it adds an extra layer to the surface. So the colours of the runner, tablecloth and the placemat can be matched accordingly to create a theme. On bare tables runners can be used to provide colour. It will be a break from the usual.

During weddings runners can be used to reflect the colour choices of the bride. It can be used to decorate according to the theme and colour scheme of the wedding reception. Runners also provide protection to the table. On tables with polished finish or glass tops which need protection, runners can be used without using the table-cloth so that the beauty and uniqueness of the table is still visible but protected at the same time. Sometimes runners are preferred to table cloths. Using table cloth and runners might seem too loud. So runners are used to embellish the table. Table cloths might not match with the cutlery and cutlery. In such cases matching placemats are combined with runners.

Table runners can be bought in different kinds. Many varieties are available in the market nowadays. They are available in many colours and patterns. The fabric choices are multiple. Themed table runners are also available. Holiday themes like Christmas, Easter, Summer etc are some of the varieties. These can be combined with the right kind of table cloths and you can add style to your dining table.

Many people prefer to make table runners at home. They like to design their own dining table accessories and make table cloths, placemats and table runners by hand. This gives it a personalised touch and you can feel proud and satisfied with your work. One of the things that need to be kept in mind while choosing a table runner is the size of your table. Creating a table runner with your own hand gives you the freedom to measure and make to the right size of the table. But if you are buying it from the shop you will have to know the measurement of your table and try to adjust the runner according to the runner available.

The table runner can be used in different ways. A single table runner is always put in the middle of the table and it runs the full length of the table. If you have more than one then they can be arranged side by side along the width of the table. They can be put across each other also. Using a smaller runner can help highlight the centre piece of the table.

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