Betrayal of Love & Freedom by Paul Huljich

This book is a psychological thriller based on the lives of two men. One is Rick Dellich, who is a successful businessman with a closely knit family, but has a mental disorder called Bipolar Polar Disorder. Rick finds himself stripped of all his rights as a citizen, the result of a mental breakdown. Separated from those he loves, he faces the prospect of confinement to a chemical straightjacket for the rest of his life. Desperate for a true recovery, he commits himself to a psychiatric clinic and is confined to this institution, where he is put on consciousness changing drugs. Here, he slowly learns how to reassemble, bit by bit, the pieces of his psyche together and make it functional once again. This part of the book has an autobiographical element that has been explored in detail, as the author himself suffered from the same disorder. Rick manages to work through his diagnosis and returns to his family responsibilities, reestablishes a relation with his wife, his children and his mother and restarts an active life in society, enriched by his experience.

Luke Powers lost his family in a tragic car accident when he was eleven years old. He now has a chronic fear that all women he meets will end up betraying him. This adolescent fear of abandonment by his family makes him vulnerable to women from different racial communities from his own. These affairs have the same ending, the women return to their relatives, leaving him broken and desolate. His life has long been punctuated by abrupt changes in fortune, but nothing could prepare him for the possibility of life imprisonment. Facing charges of murdering the forbidden, great love of his life from thirty years earlier, the influential media mogul is powerless to escape his predicament. Is he a murderer? Even he cannot say for sure. When he confronts this emotion completely, taking responsibility for the whole gamut of his emotions, his outer circumstances conspire to grant him the freedom he was otherwise doomed to have lost.

This pulse-pounding international psychological thriller and passionate love story is partly based on the life of Paul Huljich, a pioneer of the organic food industry, who overcame severe levels of stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately Bipolar Disorder. As well as painting a vivid picture of a man at the peak of his success facing life imprisonment, the story gives voice to the experience of a psychological breakdown in contemporary society. Blending both truth and fiction, and traversing the genres of drama, thriller, romance and crime, Betrayal of Love and Freedom is a potentially life-changing testament to the human spirit for our time. Set against a backdrop of four continents, this is a story of power, love, and ultimate freedom. An heroic thriller and yet a compelling love story. Available from www.amazon.co.uk for £8.79 for the paperback and £16.64 for the hardback.

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