9 of the Best Yoga Mats for 2019

If the New Year has left you feeling tired and stressed out, perhaps some gentle exercise might get you revitalised? Yoga is a great way to get fit without putting too much strain on joints and muscles. But you can’t practise it on a hard surface, you need a yoga mat. So which ones made our top nine? Here are 9 yoga mats to suit all price ranges and abilities.

Reebok Yoga Mat, 4mm – £12.50

yoga matsNice non-grip texture which gives you the confidence to focus on your movements. The 4mm thickness gives just enough comfort against a hard surface and you get a carrying string included. Great value for money.

Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat, 4.5mm – £17.00

yoga matsAnother good value yoga mat here that also features a non-slip surface. The thickness allows you to feel the floor you are working on but also cushions your points of contact. Lots of colours available in this range.

Lululemon Namastay Mat, 4mm – £68

yoga mats

Some yoga mats can get a bit whiffy and smelly. It’s not surprising as our bodies do sweat when we are exercising. This one has an antimicrobial additive built in to combat bacteria and smells. There is a textured side for non-slipping and the natural rubber smell does fade over time.

Liforme Yoga Mat, 4mm – £104.95

yoga matsWhat’s so special about this yoga mat? Well, it has drawings on it to help you position your body correctly. So for serious beginners who want to practise on their own before classes, it is a good buy. Not as lightweight as some others but if it is going to spend most of the time at home, who cares? Comes with its own carry bag.

Yoga Studio The Grip Mat, 5mm – was £50.00 now £40.00

yoga matsQuite hefty compared to other yoga mats weighing in at 3.4g, but with a thickness of 5mm, it is very comfortable to practice on. There is a rubber base that stops you slipping, the surface has a special wick-away design that absorbs moisture. Because of this, this mat would be ideal for hot yoga as you can also wash it easily.

Jute Yoga Mat, 5mm – £40.00

yoga matsIf you prefer something more natural this yoga mat is made from a blend of vegetable fibres that gives excellent traction. Not only that but they are biodegradable and you can recycle them. This mat has a lovely natural feel when you use it and it will soften over time too.

Manduka PROlite Yoga and Pilates Mat, 4.76mm – £59.99

yoga mats

These mats contain no latex and are made using an emissions-free process. They are non-toxic and are lightweight but give you supreme cushioning at the same time. This is our favourite yoga mat, a good mid-price point and you get a lifetime guarantee.

The Premium Yogi – Premium Cork Yoga Mat, 5mm – £85

yoga mats

More cushioning with this yoga mat that is made using natural cork. The thing about cork is that the surface temperature is the same as your body, so it is ideal for those that get a little cold during their routines. Moreover, for every one sold, the company will make a donation towards one girl’s training in a course that you can choose.

Trideer Yoga Mat Non-Slip Anti-Tear Premium Printed, 6mm – £26.99

yoga matsIf you know someone that needs an extra thick yoga mat this is great for a gift. A lovely pattern which stands out plus a really good grip thanks to the texture. The material is a high-density non tear type so it should last for ages. Great customer service as well.

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