The Best Word Games for iPhone and iPad

Word games can be surprisingly addictive. Just ask Alec Baldwin; he got kicked off a plane because he couldn’t stop playing one. What is it about words that gets us so competitive and absorbed?

Whatever it is, we’ve sorted out the best ones so that you can get ready to challenge your friends, or just yourself.

Words With Friends – Free

Arguably the most addictive (Baldwin!) word game of them all. It is basically online Scrabble, but called something else to avoid the litigation.

A two-player affair, played just like Scrabble with Double and Triple letter and word scores. You can find opponents if you know their names by entering them or search using WiFi or 3G, or invite via Facebook or Twitter.

Only downside is the annoying adverts which pop up after every move, you can get rid of these but it will cost you £7.99.

WordBrain Themes

If you want something that challenges you in a different way and that you play on your own, WordBrain Themes is the natural follow on from WordBrain. It has different word puzzles based on a theme, for instance ‘party’ or ‘horror’. There are tiles that are all touching and you have to swipe in the right order to make up two words containing the right amount of letters.

Be warned, I spent about half an hour tapping the screen before I realised you have to sweep across the tiles in a continuous motion. The puzzles start off easy at the beginning but get surprisingly harder as you go through the levels.

Grabbyword - Free

This is a variation on Scrabble where you formulate words on a board, as you would in a normal Scrabble game, and score points but then your opponents can then pinch your letters by using them in new words. You can always steal those letters back and make your own new words.

Takes a little time to get used to playing, especially if you are a Words with Friends fan, but worth it.

W.E.L.D.E.R - £2.29

This is a word search game where you have a selection of four or more tiles and you have the chance to rearrange the letters to make a word. For instance, you might have the letters TSCA, you tap C and A and this forms CATS. This disappears and the letters above them drop down and you have to suss out the new word.

There are also wooden “blank” letters that can be turned into any letter. Every round you are required to create a specific number of words but only have a certain amount of letter swaps in which to do this.

You can earn additional swaps whenever you form new words, and the longer the word, the more points. As with Scrabble, the harder to use letters, such as J, X, Z and Q are worth more points every time you use them.

Move up through the levels and you have to form more words with less initial swaps, and you get harder letters.

What we love about this game is the Steampunk set-up of the screen and the imaginative noises that come with it.

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