These are the BEST UNICORN products ever!

These are the BEST UNICORN products ever!

Image Credit: The Gypsy Shrine

The unicorn trend is showing no signs of stopping, as yet more beauty products are being released to an eager audience. So what makes up the perfect unicorn product?

Well, it has to have some association with unicorn, however tenuous, it should be sparkly or holographic, the colours need to tend towards pastels in pinks, purples and shades of turquoise, and it should have a function.

With this in mind we have searched for the BEST UNICORN PRODUCTS EVER!:

Unicorn Poop Lip Balm - $4 each

Apparently this lip balm is made using real unicorn poop, which in real life tastes a little like cotton candy. The poop has been blended with moisturizing oils and butters and beeswax is added for extra hydration. Other ‘flavours’ include Monkey Farts, Bacon, Zombie Repellent and Mermaid Tears.

From: etsy.com

unicorn products

The Sugar Milk Co. are asking you to picture a Parisian bakery that is full of delicious pastries and macaroons in flavours of blackberry, lemon and buttery vanilla. Pop one or two into your bath and you will not only smell good but the ingredients will leave your skin feeling good too.

From: sugarmilkco.com

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel - $9.99 each or $35 for the set

These unicorn products are actually glittered in gels that can be applied to the face and body. There are six different colours; pink, purple, gold, silver, blue and yellow. Buy one tub or five for a reduced price.

From: shop.fctry.com

unicorn products

There are a few colours in the Gypsy Shrine Chunky Unicorn Glitter range, but we love this one – Unicorn Dreams. It is a face and body glitter that is environmentally friendly, and really easy to apply. Other shades are a darker purple, iridescent diamond, silver mix, gold mix and a green mermaid mix.

From: dollskill.com

Unicorn Makeup Brushes - 5 Piece Set - $14.95

Channel your inner unicorn with these fabulous brushes that feature multi-coloured bristles and a white/silver unicorn horn handle. Also the materials are suitable for vegans to use and there are five in range, all in different sizes to perform different functions.

From: shopfocallure.com

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Vegan Hair Dye - $16

11 bright shades available including chocolate cherry, electric purple, strawberry jam, neon peach, candy blue (shown). This vegetable hair dye is vegan-friendly and actually conditions hair whilst it is dying it.

From: limecrime.com

Pearl Bath Bombs Unicorn Ring Bath Bomb - $16.99

This is a bath bomb but with a difference, the cotton candy smelling bomb is made using fairy dust but inside it is a ring that appears when the bomb has dissolved. You can choose from sterling silver, rose gold or gold plated.

From: pearlbathbombs.com

Birchrose & Co. Unicorn Dust Glow Serum - $18

Not just iridescent, not just glitter, not even just holographic, this is one of our favourite unicorn products because this dust serum actually glows in the dark. One quick swipe with the roller pen and you get a gorgeous iridescent lilac sheen.

From: birchroseco.com

Lime Crime Diamond Crusher in Black Unicorn - $18

There are ten different colours in this diamond crusher range, including rose gold on acid, delirium purple, black rainbow (shown) and lavender mint. The lip crushers use a prismatic technology in a water-based formula that has light-reflective iridescent shimmers that move and glisten with your mouth.

From: limecrime.com

unicorn products

No, this is not a perfume but a serum that contains powerful antioxidants including açaí berry, goji berry, elderberry, and blueberry, all of which are well-known for their anti-ageing properties. The formula is water-based which means it is not greasy on your skin, and it leaves skin hydrated and revitalised.

From: Sephora.com

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