8 of the Best Travel Pillows Perfect for Long-Haul Flights

While most of us are preparing for the festive season, others are getting ready to jet off to warmer climes. If you have booked a holiday over the Christmas period you’ll want to travel in style and comfort. Travel pillows offer weary travellers a place to rest their head and get 40 winks. Here are 8 of the best travel pillows:

Tempur Original Travel Pillow: £65.00

Best Travel Pillows

You can’t beat Tempur when it comes to pillows or mattresses. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that we have placed their travel pillow top of our list. It contours to the natural curve of your neck and head to offer a perfect sleep whilst travelling. It is made using a visco-elastic filling that supports and moulds. A good product you can rely on.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow, Perfect Support for Head, Chin & Neck in Any Sitting Position – Dark Blue: £22.95

Best Travel Pillows

There are two positions for this travel pillow, the first one cradles the side of your head by winding around the back of your head, the second one goes under your chin to cradle your head. Each one supports you firmly but comfortably with a plush, soft material. It has a loop so you can attach it to the outside of your case. One grumble is that is doesn’t squish down so you can pack it away.

Cabeau Evolution Classic Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow: £27.97

Best Travel Pillows

This is a U-shaped Memory-foam travel pillow that moulds to the shape of your neck and head. It helps to support your neck and back but doesn’t push you too far forward like some travel pillows. We like the air vents which stop you getting sweaty and hot. There’s also a handy pocket for your smartphone so you can keep it close to you, or play tunes. Simply tie to keep in place.

Technicals Memory Foam Travel Pillow: £19.00

Best Travel Pillows

Another memory foam travel pillow here but a cheaper version if you don’t really want to fork out a lot of cash. A nice standard pillow with no frills, just designed to do what it promises. Made with a lovely soft brushed fabric that is ideal for long flights.

Travelrest® – Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow/Neck Pillow: £24.99

Best Travel Pillows

A lot of attention to detail has been made to this product. It has been moulded to the contours of the chin and neck. This provides excellent support to the head and gives the best possible alignment during sleep. Features include the adjustable Velcro strap, it is made from memory foam and you also get a handy bag and free foam ear plugs. A bargain we think.

Ostrich Go Travel Pillow: £47.00

Best Travel Pillows

For those travellers who want a travel pillow that works well and packs down to a small size, the Ostrich Go Travel is your best bet. First of all it is simple to use. Just wrap the pillow around your neck and snap shut with the Velcro closure. The memory foam keeps your neck and head perfectly supported while you sleep. Then when you are not using it, pack it down to 60% of its size. Comes in a handy bag.

Huzi Infinity Pillow – Design Travel Pillow and Soft Neck Support Pillow: £34.99

Best Travel Pillows

Our most versatile travel pillow from Huzi. Shaped like an 8, there are many different configurations you can use. Simply choose the one that gives you the most support and comfort. It is made from a breathable bamboo material which you can also bung in the washing machine. Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergic and anti-bacterial. Perfect if you prefer a more natural product.

Banale Omni Travel Pillow: £53.00

Best Travel Pillows

For people that like versatility and multi-use products, you might be interested in this 3-1 design from Banale. It works as a travel pillow, also as a thick double pillow and a pillow topper. The neck travel pillow is fully adjustable and includes a pocket for your valuables. When you reach your destination you can flatten it out to form a double pillow, or, for those of us that prefer a thick pillow when we are on holiday, lay it on top of your hotel pillow to add depth. It comes in a carry case.



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