Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns for Christmas

For many families, Christmas lunch or dinner is all about bringing the turkey to the table and carving it. But what makes a great turkey and how can you avoid a dry, tasteless one? Always cover the turkey while cooking and leave to rest for at least half an hour, depending on the size. Here are our recommendations for the best turkeys, crowns and joints.

Lidl Deluxe Broadland Free Range Bronze British Turkey Crown with Stuffing: £15.99 per kilo

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

This is a great price for a free-range turkey. This bronze turkey crown is stuffed and decorated with streaky bacon strips to keep in moisture. Easy to cook, just remove packaging and place in the oven in the foil tray provided.

Asda Roast in the Bag Turkey Crown, 1.75kg: £9.50  

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

Similar to the roast chicken in a bag, this is super easy to cook and because it in enclosed it stays moist and juicy. A good turkey for a novice or first-time cooks. It has a tasty stuffing of pork and sage and onion. Our only gripe is that you don’t get much juice from the bird to make a good gravy. But, you can always buy prepared.

British Oakham™ Turkey Breast Joint with Pork Sage & Onion Stuffing (Serves 8-10): £28

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

This turkey crown is packed full of moist pork stuffing which helps to keep the turkey meat juicy. Very easy to cook and carve and the crisscross bacon lattice makes it looks good if you want to bring it to the table.

Waitrose Turkey Crown with a Shallot & Smoked Sage Stuffing & Herb Butter (serves 8): £56.25

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

This is a turkey crown but on the bone, so it is more flavoursome than some other crowns. A lovely smoked sage and shallot stuffing really bring out the flavour too. Butter basted under the skin and cook in the foil tray.

Iceland Easy Carve Turkey Crown, 2.1kg (serves 6-8): £18.00

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

If you just want the turkey meat that is delicious and moist, this on the bone crown is perfect. Cooks quickly and it is easy to carve.

Lidl The Ultimate Festive Feast in a Blanket, 1.2kg (serves 5): £9.99

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

Great value here from Lidl who are pulling out all the stops for Christmas this year. This tasty bacon-wrapped turkey breast joint has been rolled around pork stuffing, cranberry sauce and shredded Brussels sprouts. Good for a small family.

M&S Collection The Perfect Turkey (serves 12-14): £65

Best Supermarket Turkey Crowns

This really is a great turkey feast if you are having lots of family and friends over. You get an Oakham turkey crown which is stuffed and you also get deboned thighs wrapped in bacon. Everything goes in the oven and you get juices for a gravy. Although be careful not to over-salt any gravy as the bacon is already salty.

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