8 of the Best Supermarket Panettones for 2019

There are some that love traditional Christmas cake and others who prefer the lighter festive treat of panettones. It’s safe to say that these days there are many variations on this classic Italian sweet dough cake. So we have been tasting and comparing all week to provide you with our top ten best panettones.

Fiasconaro Panettone with Pear Williams & Chocolate, 1kg: £19.78

Best Supermarket Panettones

Juicy William’s pears and pear liqueur add a touch of freshness and a hint of booze to this soft, light panettone. Customers rate it 5 stars.

Heston from Waitrose Black Forest Panettone, 750g: £14.00

Best Supermarket Panettones

This was a hit last year so we’re not surprised that Waitrose has bought it back. It has a dark chocolate coating that some thought was a little sickly, but you can pull it off easily. Underneath is where the treasures lie; sour black cherries, a good kick of Kirsch cherry liqueur, all packed into a light dough. It comes in a lovely box so it is also great to take as a present or dessert.

De Milan Panettone with Limoncello Cream: 750g: £17.95

Best Supermarket Panettones

Limoncello and candied lemon peels add a boozy citrus kick to this panettone. No raisins or currants so it is a good option for those who don’t like vine fruits.

Carluccio’s Panettone al Prosecco, 900g: £19.95

Best Supermarket Panettones

Fancy some fizz in your panettone? This one hails from an old Italian bakery founded by the grandmother of the family in Veneto. The cake is light and buttery and features a cream flavoured with prosecco. The cream is piped evenly throughout the dough so everyone gets a mouthful of fizz!

Borgo De Medici Gin Drunken Panettone, 500g: £17.99

Best Supermarket Panettones

The gin syrup adds moisture and softness to this sticky sweet dough. There are no raisins or currants in this panettone so it is very luxurious and indulgent.

Vergani – Chocolate Panettone ‘Old Recipe’, 1kg: £21.09

Best Supermarket Panettones

A chocolate and nutty panettone here that combines a crunchy hazelnut topping with dark chocolate chips.

Loison Classic Panettone in Tin, 750g: £26.50

Best Supermarket Panettones

This is expensive for a fruit cake you might say, but this panettone is made from an old baking Italian family and every care has been taken to ensure only authentic ingredients are used. This is carefully baked with the finest Italian flour, the freshest butter, cream and eggs from nearby farms situated on mountains. Each cake takes 72 hours of careful attention to rise the dough properly before it is baked.

Fiasconaro Pistachio Panettone With Pistachio Cream, 1kg: £31.50

Best Supermarket Panettones

Light, fluffy and made with white chocolate covered in whole Sicilian pistachios. What we like about this panettone is that you get a jar of rich pistachio cream to spread over the cake.  Very moreish.



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