8 of the Best Sleeping Bags for Children 2019

With the festival season just around the corner, you might be rummaging around in your garage or loft looking for your sleeping bags. If you are bringing the kids along with you then you’ll need new sleeping bags for children. But which ones to buy? Kids tend to be restless in new surroundings. They might not settle as easily as they do at home. Therefore, you’ll need a sleeping bag that you can undo quickly in case you need to get your child out if they’re having nightmares. Toileting in the night can also prove to be difficult so you don’t want fiddly zips that are small and you can’t see in the dark. Other factors to consider are that some children like to be wrapped up snuggly at night whereas others like to starfish and spread out.

Obviously, there are a lot of points to consider. But you know your child so we have chosen sleeping bags that have a range of different qualities, but all made to a high standard.

Andes Pichu 300: £18.99

Sleeping Bags for Children

For a standard sleeping bag that keeps your children warm through the spring to autumn seasons, you can’t go wrong with this bag from Andes. It is in a mummy style and has hollow-fibre filling insulation and comes with a hood. What is even better is that you can unzip it and use it as a duvet. Available in pink or blue.

Summit Mini Square Sleeping Bag: was £39.99 now £23.99

Sleeping Bags for Children

What we like about this sleeping bag is that it’s a cross between the snuggly style and the larger duvet design. It’s called the envelope design and it has hollow-fibre insulation, two-way zip, and hood and can be used for the occasional survival extreme temperatures of -15°C degrees.

Hi Gear “Snoozzz” Sleeping Pod™ Sleeping Bag: £15.00

Sleeping Bags for Children

This sleeping bag has been designed with ‘total movement in mind’ and is a genius design. You can curl up or spread out, thanks to the semi-circular shape. Lots of colours available too.

Outwell Champ Kids Children’s Sleeping Bag: £24.99

Sleeping Bags for Children

This is a great sleeping bag for children that like to spread out at night. In fact, it’s more like a duvet than a sleeping bag so kids will feel like they are more at home than camping out. The two-way zips are robust and the bag works as a rucksack.

Deuter Starlight Expandable Kids Sleeping Bag: £49.95

Sleeping Bags for Children

Your child will be snug as a bug in a rug in this sleeping bag. What we like the most about it is that it expands to grow with your child so you’ll get loads of use out of it. It is insulated with a two-way anti-catch zip and a hood which retains heat.

Decathlon FORCLAZ 0/5°C ULTRALIGHT CHILD: £29.99

Sleeping Bags for Children

Sleep as warm as a mummy with this padded sleeping bag with two-way zips and a hood to retain heat. Keeps you warm in the coldest of temperatures and comes with a carry bag.

Mammut – Little Mammut MTI – Kids’ sleeping bag: £87.95 – £97.95

Sleeping Bags for Children

This is a more expensive option but it is durable and hard-wearing. The outer material is made from tough polyamide with a soft inner and padded insulation. There’s a zippered foot box which you can remove to tailor the bag to your child’s exact size.

Vango Starwalker Children’s Sleeping Bag – Dalmation: £41.99

Sleeping Bags for Children

Finally, this award-winning sleeping bag is multi-purpose and can be used in many different ways, thanks to its innovative design. The bottom can be removed and it has armholes which can be zipped up. This means you can ‘wear’ it during the day or night and it allows for freedom of movement.

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