The Best Shape Wear for your Christmas Outfit

Christmas is a difficult time isn’t it? At one end there’s the endless delicious food and warming mulled drinks to be consumed, and at the other there’s all the parties you have to go to. But eating and drinking so much at Christmas means that the gorgeous little outfit you had planned for your parties suddenly doesn’t fit anymore, and you are looking more like the turkey stuffing than a fit bird!

Relax though, thankfully there are solutions that mean you can do both, eat and drink as much as you like and party till you drop. Here’s our best of top picks:



Figgahugga is quite revolutionary in that it is actually a bright under-dress that you wear which instantly slims you and pulls in all your wobbly bits. Made from lycra and nylon, the FiggaHugga has no lines, straps or contour marks, and transforms that bargain party dress into a total glamour statement. The FiggaHugga was designed for women aged between 16 and 30 who normally wouldn’t dream of wearing shape-wear, but just wanted something bright and fun to flatter their figures. FiggaHuggas come in extra small, small, medium and large and cost £49.99. They are available in six different colours, for more information visit their website.

Belvia BodySuit


I love these bodysuits from Belvia because they tackle exactly what is the problem for us women of a certain age, our bums and tums. They slim you down in seconds, and also give you support in all the right areas, namely your waist, hips, stomach, sides and bottom. The suit is made using soft, breathable fabric, which is comfortable to wear and hugs your body, creating a super flattering figure under your clothes. And what we love is that you can wear your normal bra with it. In sizes small, medium and large and a variety of colours including black, nude and white. From £19.99 available from JML.



If you are fortunate enough to only have a slightly wobbly belly, a problem many ladies suffer from, then why bother with the rigmarole of a whole bodysuit when all you need is a tummy cincher? The best one we found was from Maidenform costing £23. We like it because many tummy cinchers have tricky bodice style clips and buttons and this one just pulls up over your knees and has support panels that are designed to smooth down those problem areas. In sizes small, medium, large, xlarge and xxlarge and colours latte or black. Available from Figleaves.

Spanx Leggings


If legs are your main problem, check out the daddy of shape-wear – Spanx, and these Ready To Wow Structured Leggings costing £86. They are structured leggings that remove any unsightly lumps and bumps, leaving your legs super smooth and ultra toned. Complete with a wide shaping waistband, stylish ankle vents and super smooth, velvety cotton like texture, these leggings work to streamline your pins, and give your bum and tum a flattering silhouette at the same time. In sizes small, medium, large and xlarge and colour option of black. From MyTights.

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