Best-Selling Celebrity Perfumes

As reported by Euromonitor International, 10 of the most popular celebrity perfumes launched in 2010 brought in over $ 200 million in the United States. Celebrities are obviously taking advantage of the situation, releasing dozens of new perfumes every year.

Even those of us who can’t stand celebrities and get thrilled whenever something bad happens to Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian cannot resist the power of celebrity branding. They can tempt us to buy a fragrance before we even get a sniff of its scent. Here are some of the most popular celebrity perfumes available:

White Diamonds – Elizabeth Taylor

This fragrance has been selling very well since 1991! The perfume is strengthened by Taylor’s old school Hollywood glamour appeal. The perfume is made by Elizabeth Arden. In 2010, White Diamonds sold $54 million worth of perfumes.

Driven by Derek

Jeter Driven is a men’s perfume bearing the baseball star’s name. Driven made $27 million in sales last year.

Heat by Beyonce

Beyonce’s fragrance was promoted by a sexy commercial that followed its release last year. It has made $21 million in sales.

Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers

Gwen Stefani sold $18 million worth of this perfume last year, just like Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC, Jessica Simpson’s Fancy and Puff Daddy’s Unforgivable. The American singer is becoming known for her entrepreneurial skills, which she has been using very well judging from the success of her clothing and accessory lines. Harajuku Lovers comes more than a dozen scents, each of which has its own lovely doll-shaped bottle.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s NYC

Sarah has many other scents, but 2009’s NYC is by far the most popular. It brought in around $18 million in sales last year. Parker’s Sex in the City character Carrie Bradshaw is believed to be the secret behind the success of this fragrance. Hopefully her upcoming movie will boost sales even further.

Unforgivable by P Diddy’s Sean Jean Brand

Unforgivable made $75 globally in 2006 so it is actually on the decline. It is probably time for rebranding the product or launching a whole new scent.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Her entertainment career may have slumped. But yes, Jessica Simpson’s fragrance is up there and brought in $18 million in sales last year.

Usher by Usher

Usher’s fragrance was released in 2008 and is still making decent sales. It brought in $16 million in sales last year. Not bad for a singer, huh?

Glow by Jennifer Lopez

In 2010, Jennifer Lopez’ Glow brought in $12 million in the US and $47 worldwide.

In Bloom by Reese Witherspoon

In Bloom made $12 million in sales, despite being a little pricey at $34 for a 1.7-ounce bottle.

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