6 of the Best Reusable Razors for Women that help reduce plastic waste

By now we are all conscious of reducing the amount of plastic waste entering landfills and our oceans. One way we can do this is to use products that are not disposable. Reusable razors for women might seem a small place to start but disposable razors contain metal and the hard type of plastic that cannot be recycled. Therefore, once it has been purchased and used for just a few times it is destined to remain on the planet for hundreds of years. By purchasing reusable razors we are cutting down on the amount of plastic waste we throw away.

Here are the best reusable razors for women recommended by us:

FFS Women’s Razor: £9.00 monthly

Reusable Razors for Women

Voted Product of the Year, this is our top recommendation for the best reusable razor for women. First of all, the design is outstanding. The blades remove most hairs in one stroke, all the shaving creams and lotions are cruelty-free and we love the look of the actual razor. The razor itself works on a subscription basis but don’t let that put you off. After all, you’d buy the replacement blades every month anyway. It works this way, there are two choices of razor – Rose (featured) or Silvia which you get free, you then pay for the blades which cost £9 a month.  You can stop, pause or change your subscription at any time.

Gillette Venus Snap + 3 Blade Refills: £16.99

Reusable Razors for Women

This is a hugely popular razor for women as it is small and portable and ideal for summer holidays. It snaps shut and fits into washbags or makeup bags. It features five curved blades that hug the contours of your skin and a water-activated moisture strip. Lots of 5-star reviews.

Naked Shaving Razor Kit: £27.99

Reusable Razors for Women

You get a whole kit with this razor from Naked Necessities which includes this gorgeous traditional safety razor, an essential oils shaving soap and six extra blades.

Wilkinson Sword Intuition f.a.b Women’s Razor: £5.99

Reusable Razors for Women

An ingenious design that allows you to shave forwards and backwards thanks to the bi-directional blades, which saves time for those women in a hurry. There’s also a water-activated gel that allows the blades to glide smoothly over your skin.

Edwin Jagger Pearl Effect (Pink) DE Razor: £27.00

Reusable Razors for Women

Men have their own razors so why shouldn’t women? This is a beautiful razor with a pearl effect handle that you can buy razors for and will last you for ages. It features a nice long handle with a precision head and the blades are affordable.

Dorco EVE 6 Razor for Women: £8.24

Reusable Razors for Women

This women’s razor has a pivoting head that hugs every curve while the dual 3-blade cartridge gives an incredibly close shave. There’s also a moisture band that contains aloe vera and vitamin E.



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