9 of the Best Reusable Glass Water Bottles of 2019

Here at Shoppersbase we are well aware of the need to reduce our consumption of plastic. With this in mind, we are showcasing the best reusable glass water bottles that you won’t be able to resist taking with you wherever you go.

Waterdrop® Edition Bottles: £22.90

Glass Water BottlesOnce you see the range from this brand you will have problems choosing just the one glass bottle, but they all feature gorgeous designs and are made with borosilicate glass, a leak-proof bamboo cap and they come with a free protecting thermal sleeve included and no shipping fees.

Bewater Positive Glass: £34.95

Glass Water BottlesIf you love crystals you’ll adore these glass bottle from Bewater. Each one has a different crystal inside the bottle which imparts a certain quality to the water. This one is fluorite which represents the perfection of nature and improves focus but there are loads more to choose from. Made from borosilicate glass.

LifeFactory Straw Water Bottle 16oz: £24.99

Glass Water BottlesAll Lifefactory glass bottles are BPA/BPS free and come with a distinctive silicone sleeve which gives a lovely surface to grip and helps to stop scratches and cracks.

Marks & Spencer Glass Water Bottle: was £12.50 now £10.00

Glass Water BottlesAnother glass bottle with a protective silicone sleeve and this one is available in a range of different colours. Perfect for the gym or every day.

Soma Glass Water Bottle, Eco-Friendly Alternative: £37.95

Glass Water BottlesThis bottle is made from shatterproof BPA-free borosilicate glass with a bamboo cap and comes with a soft, silicone sleeve. It is small and lightweight with every aspect designed to be ergonomically sound. It even fits into your car’s cupholder.

MIU Colour Water Bottle Glass Bottle: £14.99

Glass Water BottlesAnother glass bottle made from odour-free borosilicate glass which is tough and durable and won’t stain. The cap is made from stainless steel with a silicone inner ring to stop leaks.

Cat Heads Glass Water Bottle: £12.00

Glass Water Bottles

Quirky and fun, you won’t forget to take this glass water bottle with you on your journeys. We like the sleek design and of course, it’s perfect for anyone who loves cats.

Muse – Spiked: £32.00

Glass Water BottlesStand out from the crowd with this spiked sleeve that encases the Muse glass bottle. It is designed for everyday use and is made from glass which is BPA-free with a silicone cap.



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