The Best Products for Treating Dandruff

Treating Dandruff

Even celebrities have dandruff, and once you have it, it’s really hard to get rid of it. Dandruff is visible when the top layer of the scalp grows too quickly and then dies, flaking off into the hair and clothes.

And there’s nothing worse than seeing those tell-tale little white flakes on your clothing. You can get prescriptions for itchy and flaky scalps, but most people want to tackle the problem themselves, without a visit to the doctors.

There are lots of products that claim to help with treating and removing dandruff. Some sooth the skin, others work to reduce the amount of flaking.

If you suffer from dandruff we have compiled a list of products to suit your budget.


Head and Shoulders Nourishing Hair and Scalp Care Dandruff Shampoo, Lavender Essence - $10

If you say ‘dandruff’ products to the average person in the street, they will undoubtedly say Head & Shoulders. Renowned for treating dandruff at affordable prices, this shampoo has the addition of a lovely lavender smell instead of the normal medicinal scent.

From: drugstore.com


  • Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Treatment Set – $95

Philip Kingsley Flaky Scalp Treatment Set - $95

If you have the money and just want a product that works on severe dandruff, this is the one. It comes in a set of three products that you have to use in step. There’s an exfoliating scalp mask, flaky scalp shampoo, and a toner which works to lift away the flakes. Created by industry legend and trichologist Philip Kingsley.

From: philipkingsley.com


DCL SA Scalp Therapy Shampoo - $35

This shampoo, unlike other dandruff products, is so gentle it can be used every day. Ideal if you have greasy hair or a very sensitive scalp. Its exfoliating action works to clear away the dead skins cells that cause dandruff and the oily build-up that irritates the scalp.

From: dclskincare.com


Nioxin Scalp Recovery Soothing Serum - $37.50

For those with really severe and itchy scalps, an overnight solution is usually the best way to treat the condition. This product is a soothing serum you apply to the scalp and leave on overnight. It contains soothing green tea and pyrithione zinc which relieves itchiness associated with dandruff and helps to reduce the visible flakes.

From: ulta.com


Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo - $28

The problem with many dandruff shampoos is that they strip the hair of its natural oils and make it dry and unmanageable. This product uses rosemary oil, salicylic acid, and ginger root extract which gives your hair a natural shine and bounce, whilst getting rid of unsightly flakes.

From: nordstrom.com


Phyto Phytopelleine Botanical Scalp Treatment

If you have dandruff it means that your scalp is suffering and is unbalanced. Using essential oils of rosemary, sage and cypress, all renowned for soothing the skin, this product rebalances the scalp. Use on the scalp before shampooing.

From: ulta.com


Kiehl's Scalp Purifying Anti-Dandruff Shampoo - $18

Lots of people are put off by dandruff shampoos because of their medicinal smell. And when Head and Shoulders start changing their formula, you know something is up. Kiehl’s shampoo smells of rosemary, a herb often used in dandruff shampoos for its soothing properties but also its scent.

From: kiehls.com


Alterna Haircare Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial - $36

Just as the skin on your face needs to be exfoliated on a regular basis, so does your scalp. This product by Alterna features a scrubbing brush on the end to help give your scalp a good work out and dislodge any lingering flakes, whilst the product works its way into the scalp to prevent new flakes from forming.

From: sephora.com

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