The Best Products for Dry, Holiday Hair

The Best Products for Dry, Holiday Hair

Anyone who has been on holiday to somewhere hot and sunny recently will know the dreaded term ‘holiday hair’. This is not a positive description used to describe models sitting on a beach, tossing around their sun-kissed locks during the summer months. For us mere mortals it is a term for those dry, straw-like wisps that break at one glance.

It seems a real shame that while we are taking care of our bodies, using the best sun screens available that we neglect our hair. But if you have holiday hair, fear not, there are thankfully products specifically designed to rescue them.

Here are some of the best:


Phyto Phytoplage After Sun Recovery Spray – £13.00 from lookfantastic.com

Phyto Phytoplage After Sun Recovery Spray - £13.00

An easy to use product that instantly adds moisture to dried out hair. Simply spray onto affected areas and the revitalising nutrients in the product work to rehydrate and detangle damaged hair. Contains extract of saffron and kérarice which help to smooth and restore the hair.


Davines OI Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion 50ml – £19.95 from fruugo.co.uk

Davines OI Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion 50ml
Hair oils can transform dry and lifeless hair by restoring the natural moisture found in the hair shaft. Apply a tiny bit to the ends and try and let your hair dry naturally for the full effect. Add super shine with this oil from Davines. Contains anti-frizz effects and a detangling and restructuring action. Ingredients include an anti-oxidant which helps to combat frizz and adds shine.


Henna Hair Wax – £2.60 from Amazon.co.uk

Henna Hair Wax - £2.60

If you haven’t heard of Henna Hair Wax then now is your chance to get a pot and store it for future hair disasters. I remember using this when I was a teenager and had over-bleached my hair to the point where it felt like cobwebs in my hands. This was the only treatment that restored it. Wash hair gently then apply the conditioner (it is not a wax as such) and leave in for about half an hour, with your head wrapped in a warm towel for maximum effect


Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Masque – £21.75 from lookfantastic.com

Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Masque - £21.75

If your hair is beyond any help and you are despairing of ever getting it back to a lustrous condition, your best bet is a hair mask. These offer really deep conditioning and unlike a conditioner they get right inside the hair cuticle. Kérastase are industry leaders in hair products, especially products for damaged hair and this one penetrates deeply into the cuticle to offer exceptional treatment for over-processed hair.


Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo 250ml – £18.45 from feelunique.com

Moroccanoil Clarifying Shampoo 250mlTop of Form - £18.45

Some people have the opposite effect from dry and straw-like hair, they experience greasy and limp locks instead. This is due to a build-up of salt, chlorine and environmental elements. When the hair has been subjected to heat from the sun and drying elements such as pool water, a gentle but effective clarifying shampoo is important. This one from Moroccanoil not only cleanses the hair but retains the moisture that is essential to the health of the hair. It also contains ingredients that help to prevent future build-up.

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