Best Places to Look For A Job

Nowadays there are many methods of looking for a job and these can seem overwhelming and time consuming. If you are not used to using the internet to find works, it can seem impossible to learn how to search for actual jobs that are current and in suitable locations. Not all job searching is done online, however, traditional newspapers still have a role, as does the Job Centre.

Look For A Job

Here are the best ways to start looking for jobs:


Probably still the most effective way of sourcing and securing a job is by networking, which could be online or offline. Online, networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn are excellent; and offline, word of mouth is still useful when looking for work.

The internet

The internet is probably critical in job searching these days. Specific job search websites have been created with both employers and potential employees in mind, and the better ones allow users to upload a CV, create a profile, customise applications and apply online to a variety of jobs from many sources. Employers can search for staff too, so making your profile stand out and learning how to include relevant key words could mean you don’t even have to find yourself a job, a job will find you.

Some of the better websites specifically aimed at both employers wanting staff, and candidates wanting work, are: ish4jobs, Reed.co.uk and Monster.co.uk but there are many more, including specific websites for graduates or for certain careers such as nursing or teaching.

Newspaper adverts and classifieds

Even though most companies post their job ads online, don’t rule out traditional newspapers and classified sections, particularly for certain job categories that don’t require any computer knowledge or use – such as gardening, painting and decorating, or vacancies for smaller firms in many fields.

Classifieds also have the advantage of being local.

Job Centre and employment agencies

he Job Centre is still a first port of call for those looking for a job, as it has a database of vacancies that can be searched and categorised according to job type, location, pay, etc.

Employment agencies are worth registering with and have both permanent and temporary positions in a variety of occupations. Employment agencies also offer ways you can improve your skills or have your CV professionally checked, most of which will be free of charge.

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