9 of the Best Mosquito Repellents to keep Bugs at Bay

‘Tis the season…. to get bitten by a load of pesky mossies. No one knows why some people are more susceptible to mosquito bites than others. But if you are one of them then the warm weather can be hell for you. It can spoil your time indoors and outside. Thank goodness manufacturers have invented different types of mosquito repellents. Some contain DEET which is a chemical that prevents mosquitos from locating people. Others have more natural compounds in them. Here are 9 of the best mosquito repellents:

Jungle Formula Maximum Pump Spray Insect Repellent, 90ml: £8.99

Mosquito Repellents

This is the UK’s bestselling insect repellent. It is a pump spray that contains 50% DEET and protects you for up to 12 hours with one spray.

Boots Repel Maximum Lotion, 100ml: £7.49

Mosquito Repellents

Another product here that contains 50% DEET but this time in a lotion which some may prefer. You get protection for up to 6 hours in tropical locations and 8 and a half in non-tropical, but you can reapply it.

Trek 50, 60ml: £5.75

Mosquito Repellents

Trek 50 is designed to be used in sub-tropical areas where there is a high risk of mosquitoes. It contains 50% DEET and stays on in humid temperatures so its good for trekking and backpacking.

Smidge Insect Repellent, 75ml: £7.00

Mosquito Repellents

If you don’t want to use a product with DEET try this one. It uses Saltidin which is also an insect repellent. It stops mossies finding you by blocking the receptors in the antenna of biting insects. Protects you for up to 8 hours.

Incognito Insect Repellent, 100ml: £9.99

Mosquito Repellents

This is an all-natural mosquito repellent that you can use on babies as young as 6 months. It contains no DEET, parabens or nasty chemicals but gives protection for up to 8 hours with a lovely citrus smell. Vegan-friendly.

Moskito Guard Insect Repellent, 75ml: £8.99

Mosquito Repellents

No DEET in this mosquito repellent, instead it uses a chemical called Picaridin which stops biting insects locating you. You get 8 hours protection and it is suitable for children over 24 months and pregnant women.

Mrs. White’s Unstung Hero (Anti-Mosquito Eau de Cologne), 100ml: £15.00

Mosquito Repellents

Make yourself invisible to biting mosquitoes with this ingenious product. It uses the fragrances of black citrus tea to confuse biting insects. It smells so lovely you can even wear it as a cologne.

The Body Source® – Mosquito Repellent Bracelets (10 Pack): £10.99

Mosquito Repellents

Some children don’t like to have their bodies sprayed with a toxic chemical in order to stop them from being bitten. In which case, why not try these mosquito repellent bracelets? They’ve been infused with natural insect-repelling ingredients like citronella and lemongrass and are a much easier way of stopping painful bites.

Mosi-Guard Natural Extra Strength, 75ml: £8.49

Mosquito Repellents

This is a plant-based mosquito repellent that uses Citriodiol to stop mossies finding where you are. It is safe and effective and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.





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