Which is the Best Leaf Blower for your Garden?

Which is the Best Leaf Blower for your Garden?

Are you fed up with brushing or raking leaves this autumn? If you have decided to invest in a leaf blower, you might be a little bemused at the choice on offer. Do you opt for a petrol-operated one, or a machine that is cordless? What is the benefit of having a blower and vacuum compared to just a blower?

If you have a big garden then a cordless one makes the most sense, as you are not tethered to a plug socket somewhere. However, they do tend to be more expensive. For smaller, compact garden spaces and those on a budget, corded blowers do an equally fine job.

For those with a lot of leaves in your garden it might be wise to invest in a vacuum and blower, which sucks up the leaves into a sack. Whichever device you opt for, try hodling it in your hands, making sure it feels comfortable and not too heavy after a while.


Qualcast 2800W Garden Blower and Vacuum – £44.99

Qualcast 2800W Garden Blower and Vacuum - £44.99

One of Homebase’s best-selling leaf blowers, this machine from Qualcast ticks all the boxes. It combines leaf blowing with vacuuming and is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and utilises a lever to quickly swap between blowing and vacuuming. Great budget-buy.

From: homebase.co.uk


Flymo GardenVac 2700 – £59.95

Flymo GardenVac 2700 - £59.95

If you like to mulch your leaves as well as collect them you’ll like this blower from Flymo. It not only blows, but collects and shreds them into a nice pulp, ready for your compost heap. Saves you a job. And, if you want to get rid of larger pieces of autumn debris, such as pine cones or small twigs, just remove the blades.

From: wickes.co.uk


Draper Backpack Petrol Blower BP33 – £176.99

Draper Backpack Petrol Blower BP33 - £176.99

Don’t want the cord to hold you back? Try this petrol blower from Draper. It features a powerful engine that despite this is nice and lightweight. Weighs just 6.5kg and includes a padded and adjustable shoulder strap to make leaf blowing a pleasure, not a chore.

From: bamfordtrading.com


Draper 2500w 230v Garden Vacuum/Blower/Mulcher – £53.99

Draper 2500w 230v Garden Vacuum/Blower/Mulcher - £53.99

A nice, versatile machine here from Draper, that not only blows your leaves but suck them up and mulches them for you as well. Comes with a nice adjustable shoulder strap and features a 2500W motor which is perfect for smaller gardens, Switches easily from blowing to sucking to mulching.

From: mackay.co.uk


Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Hand Held Blower – £185.62

Makita BHX2501 4-Stroke Hand Held Blower - £185.62

You need a powerful but quiet machine when you have a larger garden, otherwise you’ll run the risk of upsetting the neighbours. This machine runs on unleaded petrol for around an hour and you buy can all sorts of attachments to go with it which will convert it to a vacuum.

From: makitauk.com


Black & Decker Corded GW2500 – £43.95

Black & Decker Corded BW2500 - £53.71

Even wet leaves are not a problem for this powerful little leaf blower. It both blows and vacuums the peskiest of leaves and comes with a large 40-litre capacity bag. There’s also a handy shredder included which turns the leaves into mulch for your compost heap.

From: amazon.co.uk


Makita DUB362Z Twin 18v Brushless Blower – £228.95

Makita DUB362Z Twin 18v Brushless Blower - £228.95

If you want the most powerful machine in the industry, look no further than this one from Makita. Strong and durable, yet lightweight and comfortable in the hands, this will last you years and years and provide you with superior leaf blowing. The battery is not included but it will work with another Makita battery, so if you have a Makita-battery powered product you can swap them over.

From: axminster.co.uk

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