These are the Best Leads and Collars for dogs that pull

These are the Best Leads and Collars for dogs that pull

Anyone who owns a dog that pulls continually on the lead will no doubt get frustrated when it comes to walking their dogs.

Having owned three dogs now, each with different pulling techniques, I can honestly say that I have tried most dog leads and collars that are said to prevent pulling.

From harnesses that fit securely around the body to halters that loop over the head, to collars that fit high up on the neck. There’s no end to the type of different styles of dog leads and collars on offer, but which one is best for your dog?

Well it depends on the breed. For bigger dogs I would recommend a harness that fits around the body. This is because it stabilizes the dog, making it easier to manage.

For medium-sized dogs a halter that fits over the head tends to control the dog much as a bridle controls a horse.

Smaller dogs only require a lead that has some kind of elasticity to it, so that any sudden jerks caused by pulling are counter-acted by the elastic.

Here are our recommendations for the best dog leads and collars for dogs all shapes and sizes that pull:


Loopy Lead for Dogs that Pull - £16.99

This lead comes in four different sizes; small, medium, large and extra-large, but we think the smaller lead is perfect for smaller dogs who tend to pull on a regular basis. The elastic in the lead absorbs any jerking and pulling which reduces stress on the owner’s arms and shoulders. Available in six different colours, including red, blue, black and violet.

From: totally-tack.co.uk


Dogmatic Head Collar - £22.99

This head collar won in the best product awards category for 2012 in Your Dog magazine. The head collar has received rave reviews online for comfort, stability and the ease in which it stops dogs pulling. It includes padded webbing that is soft against the dog’s cheeks and the head collar is washable. Available in lots of different sizes from 1 – 8 and in two colours black and blue.

From: petnpony.co.uk


Non Pull Harness large - £9.99

This is the harness I use for my very boisterous golden retriever. Before I used it on her she would pull me off the ground and I suffered a few minor scrapes and bruises. Now she is a different dog, she calms down immediately when I get the harness out to put it on her and it stops her pulling as I have the control over her body. I like the webbing on the front and the padded straps that fit under her which makes it more comfortable to wear. Available in sizes small, medium and large.

From: petplanet.co.uk

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