Best Laundry Detergent: Top Rated Laundry Capsules, Liquid and Powder

These days, when it comes to washing our clothes we don’t just use one brand or type of laundry detergent. Many opt for powders for a hot wash for their whites and laundry capsules, liquid or gel for colours on a cooler one. But which performs the best? Here is our pick of the best:


Ariel 3-in-1 Pods: £5.50

Laundry Detergent19 washes

These are a great all-rounder for keeping whites white and colours bright. They are also very good at stain-removing, including wine, grease and fat, food, makeup and oil. They are expensive but if you just want something that works first time with no dramas these are your best bet.

Surf Liquid: £3.00

Laundry Detergent25 Washes

Surf do so many different scent varieties so if the fragrance is important to you then you are bound to find one you love. It also does a pretty good job of keeping colours bright without fading. And it works really well on cold washes.  Hang your washing indoors and the scent will permeate your house.

Persil Small & Mighty Bio Liquid: £5.00

Laundry Detergent38 Washes

In industry tests, this laundry detergent was one of only three liquids that scored 10/10 for bright whites and stain removal. So if you have children with gym kit that need constant washing this is a good buy.

Ariel Actilift Biological Powder: £10.00

Laundry Detergent65 Washes

Winner of Which Best Buy Laundry Detergents in 2018, Ariel comes out top again with this bio powder, proven to remove the toughest of stains. The main reason people buy it, however, is that it is perfect for whites. In fact, customer reviews give an average of 5 for performance.


Almat Bio Premium 3in1 Capsules: £2.99

Laundry Detergent20 Washes

If you don’t want to spend double the money on something like laundry and your clothes don’t get particularly stained then these are rated good on everyday stains. They do not work so well on stubborn stains but they stop colours fading and are pretty good at brightening whites.

Tesco Non-Bio Laundry Capsules: £2.85

Laundry Detergent20 Washes

These capsules scored well across all the main categories of laundry, including stain removal, protecting colours and keeping whites bright. Great value for money compared to the big brand names and a lot of the time you can get two for a fiver.

Lidl Formil Bio Capsules: £2.49

Laundry Detergent20 Washes

Really good stain removal here from Lidl’s Formil laundry range. We found it was best at keeping colours bright and not fading. Although it performed well for the cost.

Essential Waitrose Non-Bio Laundry Capsules: £4.59

Laundry Detergent24 Washes

Customers have given these laundry capsules an average mark of 5 stars for fragrance, stain removal, value for money and washing ability.


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