Eight of the Best Ice Cube Trays for 2019

Ice cube trays come in all kinds of materials, shapes and designs. You can get plastic, silicon and even stainless steel. There are several factors to consider when buying ice cube trays; how easy is it to get the ice cubes out, will the tray leave an odour on the ice cubes and do you want a lid on the tray to make it easier to pop it into the freezer?

Here are our recommendations for eight of the best ice cube trays:

OXO Good Grips No-Spill Ice Cube Tray: £10.99

Ice cube trays

This ice cube tray has so many features it is amazing value for money and our top pick. It has a lid you can seal to prevent water from spilling into the freezer. This means you can place it in the freezer at an angle even when the water is not frozen. The lid also prevents freezer odours. The inside of the tray has rounded edges for the cubes which makes it easy for them to pop out.

KitchenCraft BarCraft Ice Cube Tray: £3.99

Ice cube trays

This is the number one best seller on Amazon and for good reason. Over 100 5-star customer reviews, an easy-release design and you can stack the trays in the freezer. Dishwasher safe and no nasty odours.

Silicone Pop Out Ice Cube Trays 2pk – Blue: £1.99

Ice cube trays

Available in three colours, blue, red or grey, a simple design, just fill up, place on a level surface in the freezer and pop out the round ice cubes when frozen.

Joseph Joseph Quicksnap Plus Ice Cube Tray: £10.99

Ice cube trays

Can you get a technical ice cube tray? Well, this one has a unique release system that holds the ice cubes until you decide to let go. So position the tray over a glass and touch the switch. The flexible lid allows you to stack the trays in the freezer.

Lakeland Silicone Ice Cube Tray: £8.99

Ice cube trays

This is a flexible ice cube tray made from silicone which won’t transmit any odours and has a metal rim around the outside which makes it sturdy and not floppy when it is full of water.

Joie Lidded Ice Cube Tray: £3.99

Ice cube trays

No more walking on tiptoes balancing the water in a tray in case of spills. Fill this ice cube tray up and simply snap on the lid. There’s an easy fill-up tab in the middle and you can stack them in the freezer.

Sagaform Ice Shot Glass Mould, Set of 4, Clear: £8.00

Ice cube trays

Sometimes you want fancy-looking ice cubes to fit a special glass, like these from Sagaform. They are specially designed for shot glasses and if you pop in some herbs or fruit they look even more spectacular.

IKEA PLASTIS Ice Cube Tray Green/pink/turquoise: £1

Ice cube traysIkea shows you that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a perfectly good product. If you want a cheap ice cube tray that delivers this does the job. Choose from three colours and designs.











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