The hottest hairstyle trends for 2014

If you’re fed up with the dip dye ombre look, or starting to feel like colour veiling is so last year, you’ll be pleased to learn that neither of these hairstyles have made it into the cut for the best trends for 2014. Instead we have more than a nod back to the 60’s, with sharp cuts and fringed bobs complete with funky hair bands, and a look ahead to festival season, where untamed tresses are accessorised with flower garlands and romantic ribbons. Here’s our ultimate guide to what is hot this year:

The Micro Fringe

Image-6-8-13-at-8.06-PMUndoubtedly a hard look to pull off, the micro fringe, which made an appearance on last season’s catwalks, and is definitely not for the faint hearted. And as with a pixie cut, you have to have a pretty model like face to not look like an extra from 70’s rock band Slade. Think French actress Marion Cotillard or American star Rooney Mara to get the idea. A blunt micro fringe instantly gives you an edge and show that you are one super sassy contender.

Festival Hair

2014 hair styles1

It’s ethereal, it’s romantic, it’s long and wavy and you can wear it tousled up in an informal ponytail or down. The key to this look is to add natural elements such as flowers, leaves, garlands or even sparkly gems. This look is all about hair decorating, but keeping the natural earthy feel, as if you’ve simply walked through a tunnel of blossoms and some have just happened to catch in your hair. Remember, the less polished and sophisticated the look the better.

60’s Revival

2014 hair styles

Channel your inner chic and pay homage to this classic era with stylish blunt cuts, where the hair is in tip top condition and you add funky extras such as scarves and thick headbands. Or, simply add a funky headband to your natural style, whether it is long or short, but keep the emphasis on a 60’s vibe using retro prints typical of this fashion decade. Think bold Orla Kiely repeated patterns, big dots in funky contrasting colours and remember, go thick with the headband or go home!

Swept Back Fringe

Image Credit Holfer Eckstein/FolioID.com

Image Credit Holfer Eckstein/FolioID.com

Ladies of a certain age will remember this trend from back in the 90’s, where you would sweep your hair at the front back with a slide or clip. It was great for anyone who wanted to grow their fringe out, or those who had tried one and didn’t like it. And keep it sleek to make a real fashion statement.

Big 80’s Hair


Now I remember the 80’s where you would spend all evening backcombing and hair-spraying your locks, only to step outside and have the whole look droop in minutes. These days hair styling products have come a long way, with muds, mousses, gels and sprays that literally hold your hair like cement. This look is all about turning heads and wowing with your massive locks. To achieve it, from damp, spritz on your favourite hair styling product, then back comb and blast the whole look with heat, using tongs if necessary. Think Cheryl Cole on her first US X Factor appearance when she wore that orange and purple ensemble.

The Wet Look

2014 hair styles2

Another popular 80’s trend that is back for a second innings, but how does it compare to the original? The 80’s wet look was very much a sleeked back affair, with not a hair out of place, as if you had stepped out of the shower and combed your hair back to within an inch of its life. The modern version is much more relaxed, think coming out of the sea and just tousling your hair back, with the focus on not so much as sleek look, but a nonchalant ‘couldn’t care less’ ‘oh is my hair wet?’ kinda thing.

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