These are the Best Hair Glitter Sprays for 2017

hair glitter sprays

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With Halloween approaching it is no surprise that sales of wigs and party costumes are on the rise. One way to add intrigue and mystique to your costume is to do something extraordinary with your hair, and this is where hair glitter sprays are perfect.

Available in literally all colours of the rainbow, hair glitter sprays can be used to highlight sections of your hair, by pulling out and separating strands and spraying on just those areas. You can go for an ombre look with several different degrees of the same shade, or just add a few sprays to the ends for a quirky effect.

Here are our recommendations for the best hair glitter sprays on the market:

Goodmark Hair and Body Glitter – $1.24

hair glitter sprays

This is an amazing bargain for a really good product, a multi-colored hair glitter spray that has had great customer reviews. Delivers a good amount of glitter and washes out easily.

From: Walmart.com

AMSCAN INC. MultiGlitter Hairspray – $4.99

hair glitter sprays

If you can’t decide on what color glitter to spray onto your hair, why not try a multi-colored one? This is one of our favorite hair glitter sprays as customer reviews say that the nozzle does not get clogged up and the spray delivers the glitter nice and evenly.

From: amazon.com

Jerome Russell Glitter Spray Silver – $5.92

Hair Glitter Sprays

If you are after a subtle look where you get a looser spray of glitter then this will provide it. The fine spray delivers small sparkles of tiny glitter pieces and can be used on hair and body, but be warned, consumers say that it does not stay on clothes that well.

From: amazon.com

Claire’s 2 in 1 Neon Green Glitter Hairspray – $6.99

Hair Glitter Sprays

Want to look like your favorite witch from Wicked? Now you can with this amazing neon green glitter spray from Claire’s Accessories. Other colors include purple, red, silver and gold.

From: claires.com

YOFI Pink Hair and Body Glitter Spray – $10

Hair Glitter Sprays

Available in practically every color under the sun (18 to be exact) this can be used on hair, the body, even clothing, as it washes out easily.

From: yoficosmetics.com

Rubie’s Costume Co Blue Glitter Hairspray – $10.56

Hair Glitter Sprays

A really unusual colour here, blue glitter that is sure to turn heads, literally!  Some complaints about the nozzle clogging up after a few uses so make sure you shake the can well and clean the nozzle frequently to prevent this happening.

From: amazon.com

B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray Gold & Silver – $12.99

Hair Glitter Sprays

Don’t want gold, don’t want silver? How about a mixture of the two? B Wild have created this gorgeous gold and silver glitter spray that can be used on the hair and washes out in just one shampoo.

From: walmart.com

Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray – 2oz – $16

Hair Glitter Sprays

Worried about the chemical aspects of hair glitter sprays on your hair? this one contains all natural ingredients and will give a lovely subtle shimmer thanks to to gold mica in the spray.

From: captainblankenship.com

IGK Preparty Hair Strobing Glitter Spray – $16.00

Hair Glitter Sprays

This is without a doubt, one of our favorite hair glitter sprays as it gives such a beautiful effect on the hair. You lightly mist the spray over your hair to create the most subtle effect seen when it then catches the light. It picks up gorgeous little tiny silver sparkling glitter dots that diffuse the light and cast a strobing effect.

From: Sephora.com

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