Best Gadget Presents for Everyone in your Life 2016

Everyone loves good gadget presents for Christmas don’t they? Well actually it depends. The gadget has to be something the recipient is going to use on a regular basis, it cannot be too gimmicky and it should be of a high quality.

If you are not sure of what gadget presents to buy someone in your family circle then remember, nearly everyone cooks these days, most people listen to music, have a smartphone, play games or drink coffee. With this in mind you can look through our gadget presents suggestions for family members and maybe even come up with a few of your own:


Play-Doh but on your iPhone or iPad. Instead of creating characters with Play-Doh in real life by shaping the dough, you make them on-screen in a virtual world. Here you get character stampers which unlock different personalities and worlds and action stampers that affect the creations you’ve made.

From: apple.com

Ideal for the budding inventor or science-mad child in your life. This is a fascinating set that allows you to assemble all kinds of fantastic items, such as robots that blow bubbles, light-projecting lamps, and futuristic fans.

From: littlebits.cc


For that sister that cannot walk past a coffee house without ordering her favourite latte or hot chocolate, this cordless frother allows her to prepare hot milk drinks in the comfort of her own home. Perfect for frothy cappuccinos to hot chocolates.

From: williams-sonoma.com

This is an eye-catching bracelet, but for two reasons, it is not only beautiful, but has a dual purpose, inside the bracelet is a connector that charges your phone. Great for anyone that constantly forgets to charge their smartphone. Available in four colours, gold (featured), matte black, silver and polished silver.

From: qdesigns.co


If you have a music-obsessed brother who loves his beats and is an aspiring DJ then this lightpad block will blow his mind. From Apple, this touch-sensitive beats maker allows you to create electro hits or indie tunes in mere seconds, all you do is move your fingers over the surface.

From: apple.com

For all those who love to play video games or anyone who gets a little nostalgic about the old days of gaming, this Nintendo Entertainment System comes ready to play with 30 classic games.

From: amazon.com


There are coffee machines and there’s The Cuisinart® machine. This makes the best espresso and uses the best coffee and is simple to use. One touch and you get perfect coffee, in three cup sizes with dual temperatures and adjustable coffee flavor strength.

From: shop.illy.com

For the mom who loves to cook. This is not ordinary table stand. In the base is a stylus that you can use to scroll on the screen so you don’t get it dirty with food ingredients.

From: amazon.com


This watch is so classy is might even become an heirloom in your family. Made from walnut wood, the watch face is sanded with spherical hour markers, a precision calibrated stainless steel module. Each watch comes with a soft leather strap and is individually gift-wrapped in distinctive heavyweight matte black paper.

From: grovemade.com

Got a dad that loves to boogie? Then get him one of these portable speakers. They are ideal for any room and fit in the smallest of spaces with no wires. Now your dad can dance away in any room in the house like no one is watching.

From: sonos.com


We all love listening to good music but buying someone a CD player can be expensive, if you want to get a good model. It’s far less expensive to buy a radio that you can plug in your MP3 player to and your iPod. With the Crosley Solo radio you get a clean and crisp sound, a 3″ studio driver with a 5:1 radio tuning dial and analog tuner.

From: Target.com

You’ll be someone’s new best friend if you buy them Amazon’s New Echo Dot. The 2nd Generation works as a voice-controlled, hands-free device that uses Alexa to read the news, play music, give out information, control smart home devices, set alarms, and much more.

From: amazon.com

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