The Best Food & Drink Gifts for Father’s Day

Personalised Pork Pie by Farmison & Co

Personalised Pork Pie by Farmison & Co

Is your dad a bit of a food and drink buff? Is he always banging on about the latest contestant on MasterChef and muttering that he could do better? Does he know what sous-vide cooking is? Does he sniff his wine before drinking it?

If the answers to the above questions are a resounding yes then you have got a pretty easy task this Father’s Day. All you have to do is buy your dad a foodie present. So whether his weak spot is cheese, he has a sweet tooth or he loves to barbecue, we have rounded up the best food gifts; just don’t eat them before he does.

  • Chorizo Sausage Making Kit – £14.50

Chorizo Sausage Making Kit - £14.50

Anyone here know how to make a chorizo sausage? More importantly, has your Dad ever wondered how those clever Spanish make chorizo sausage? If this has been a burning question for your father then this gift will amaze him, it certainly did us! The kit contains all the important spices and curing salts you’ll need, your dad just has to add the pork mince and bacon fat. Makes 10 sausages.

From: notonthehighstreet.com

  • Edinburgh Preserves Farmhouse Patés Box – £18

Edinburgh Preserves Farmhouse Patés Box - £18

Dads of a certain age love their pâtés and they’ll be spoiled for choice with this gift set. Contains two choices of pâté, duck and farmhouse, and some converses to compliment, including apple chutney and caramelised onion chutney. There’s also some savoury biscuits to pop it all onto.

From: johnlewis.com

  • Father’s Day Picnic – £45

Father’s Day Picnic - £45

This isn’t just any old picnic, this is a Fortnum & Mason picnic, so make sure you are invited! You get a generous hand-raised pork pie, a Scotch Egg, a lager and an ale, cheese, nibbles and a fig conserve. When ordering you can either collect or have the hamper delivered.

From: fortnumandmason.com

  • Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder – £35

 Bodum Bistro Blade Grinder - £35

If your pops is a coffee connoisseur then check out this super coffee grinder. It’s easy to use, just fill with your favourite beans and push the button and voilà – freshly ground coffee. We like the see-through lid which allows you to control the fineness of the grinding.

From: johnlewis.com

Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution Kit - £33.99You know all those fancy techniques on MasterChef where they make beads of gel that burst with flavour, or piles of foam over a dish, or even spaghetti out of unusual ingredients? This kit has all you need to create the same effects, but without the cameras. Contains five pre-measured food additives and the specialised molecular tools, also a DVD of recipes. Will certainly make Sunday dinner more interesting – micro-beaded foaming soup anyone?

From: iwantoneofthose.com

Snaffling Pig Gifting Jar - £29.99Apples and pork have gone together since the dawn of time, but this gift box is one step ahead. You get four bottles of cider from the Hogs Back brewery and a huge 1.3 litre jar full of pork scratchings. There are 9 flavours of scratchings to choose from, ranging in heat from Perfectly Salted to the ominous Pig of Doom. Crowd pleasing and really good value for money.

From: snafflingpig.co.uk

  • Bbq Around The World Three Month Subscription – £20

Bbq Around The World Three Month Subscription - £20

Dads who just own the barbecue will love this last gift. A three month subscription of spices from New Mexico, the Caribbean and Vietnam. All the spices are measured for each recipe and ideas include sticky pork ribs, banana ketchup and lots of spicy barbecue sauces. The gift that keeps on giving!

From: notonthehighstreet.com

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