The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Gadget-Loving Dads

The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Gadget-Loving Dads

Is your dad a bit of a technophile? Does he love the latest smartphone or have to have the best HD television? This Father’s Day is the perfect time to treat him and show that you’ve really thought about what he’s interested in.

We’ve sorted out the most unusual gadgets to give you some idea of the new stuff that’s out in the market these days.

Here’s our top picks for Father’s Day:

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker - £79.95A levitating speaker? Come on! But this is not magic my friends! It works by magnetic force. There is a powerful magnetic that is situated in the belly of the speaker and you can attach it to anything metal. There’s also a built-in microphone so you can use it as a hands-free device. Features a rechargeable battery which gives up to five hours of battery life and can be recharged via the USB cable included.

From: red5.co.uk

Bladeless Baby Fan with Speakers - £25.00

A fan with no blades? What sorcery is this? But we kid you not. This baby fan works on the principle of, well actually we’re not sure but it looks great right? And the no blade thing means it’s perfect for when toddlers are around. As if that’s not enough wow factor, it also has two built-in speakers and an aux receiver so you can play music from any USB device.

From: thegreatgiftcompany.co.uk

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera - £179.99

Remember when we used to snap and print off our photos immediately? The Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera allows you to do exactly that. The difference with this camera is that there is digital technology that lets you view the picture first before you print it. A perfect device for when you want to capture instant memories and give them away, such as stag or hen nights, sporting events or festivals.

From: menkind.co.uk

Smartphone Projector - £13.99

This is a pretty neat idea. A projector that allows you to show your home-made movies or photos onto a wall in your house. You can create your very own cinema as the projector not only magnifies the images but there’s a handy silicon grip to make sure there’s no slippage!

From: iwantoneofthose.com

  • Tech2 Marvel Collection – £30 (each)

Tech2 Marvel Collection - £30 (each)

If your dad figures he’s some sort of superhero, give him the pen he deserves! Choose from three designs, Iron Man, Captain America or Spiderman. Each pen works on paper and as a stylus on touchscreens and feature the iconic colours of the superheroes in vibrant metallic lacquers.

From: cross.com

Gadget USB Fridge - £22.00Isn’t it frustrating having to walk all the way to the fridge to get a drink when you are working at your desk? Luckily some clever boffins have set aside solving world peace and designed a little USB fridge that works after only a few seconds of plugging it in. Pop a can of your favourite fizzy inside and after just 5 minutes it is down to a chilly 8C (47F). There’s even LED inside, just like a real fridge! Compatible with both PCs and MACs that have an available USB port.

From: thegreatgiftcompany.co.uk

Sky Drone Pro V2 - £99.95

You don’t get a decent drone these days for under a hundred quid, but this one is pure quality and will provide hours of fun. Features include an HD camera, which, when you’ve downloaded the free app, provides a live feed straight to your smartphone. Drone has six axis (usual is four) which allows a much smoother flight and a Headless Flying Function.

From: red5.co.uk

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