The Best Cycling Jackets for all weather conditions

The Best Cycling Jackets for all weather conditions

When the weather is inclement and you have an early start, sometimes the only thing that will get you up and out of bed is knowing you have a warm, waterproof cycling jacket.

Nowadays materials have become so advanced that they are able to wick away sweat, keep you dry and provide thermal warmth. It’s no wonder that people are taking to cycling to walk now more than ever.

We have chosen a range of cycling jackets, each with a different feature that is outstanding, whether it be value for money, warmth or keeping out the elements.

Here are our suggestions:


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£54 is not much to pay for a cycling jacket but if it doesn’t live up to some expectations then it is a waste of money. Luckily this one from B’Twin combines three factors, a membrane situated between the inner and outer layer, to keep you dry and warm. It is nice and lightweight and includes little touches we like, such as underarm vents.

From: decathlon.co.uk

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This does not look like a particularly amazing cycling jacket but when car beams hit you, you light up like a glowing beacon in the dark. It is 100% reflective and is made using breathable and waterproof material. Been in the news for the incredible fabric which Cycling Active Magazine said “it gives ‘astonishing reflectivity”.

From: provizsports.com

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Many high visibility jackets are a lurid neon yellow or gee, this one from Altura comes in blue, red and yellow but delivers maximum 360 degree reflectivity for dark light cycling. It is breathable whilst offering superior protection against the elements including rain.

From: evanscycles.com


Gore-Tex know a thing or two about waterproof materials and consistently top the polls for superb performance when it comes to waterproof cycling jackets. This one will not let you down, even if it is chucking down, and it is breathable, so no sweaty rides. Folds down into a bag when not in use.

From: goreapparel.co.uk

Many waterproof cycling jackets use material that is vinyl-based and hard to the touch. This one from Gore-Tex is super-soft but will still keep the heaviest of downpours off your skin. Designed for the ‘recreational cyclist’ as the lack of an exaggerated drop-down at the back means you can wear it even when you are not out cycling.

From: goreapparel.co.uk

Sometimes you just want a jacket that doesn’t really look like a cycling jacket. This one from Vulpine is a classic jacket that can be worn anywhere from office to walking the dogs at the weekend. It is a looser fit than other waterproof jackets which means you can layer up underneath. The waxed cotton gives superb protection against showers.

From: vulpine.cc


This jacket is only waterproof on the front and the sleeves but tests showed that thanks to the Roubaix material, which is highly breathable, it will keep you drier and warmer than many other jackets in this price range.  A good jacket for layering as it is quite lightweight.

From: evanscycles.com

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There are two types of cycling jackets that offer warmth, a hard shell and a soft shell. Hard shells provide protection against the rain whereas soft shells are more breathable and more versatile for the British weather, which can be raining one moment and sunny the next. This jacket is perfect for a variety of seasonal weather conditions.

From: cyclestore.co.uk

This jacket is like wrapping yourself in a lightweight sleeping bag. It’s fully insulated and amazingly light at just 240g. You keep warm and cosy thanks to extra features such as elasticated cuffs, hem draw cord, zipped hand warmer pockets and chin guard. It is like every part of being cold has been addressed in one jacket. I want one of these for dog walking.

From: outdoorkit.co.uk

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