Ten of the Best Cooling Fans for 2019

The last few days and nights in the UK have seen unbearably hot temperatures breaking all kinds of records. When it is hot outside no amount of open windows and doors are going to cool your house down. You need cooling fans which actually turn hot air into cold air. Before you buy one, however, consider why you want a cooling fan. It is for a whole room or to direct cool air onto a person? Will you be using it at night and therefore want a quiet one? For your information, 20dB sounds like rustling leaves or a babbling brook. Do you need an auto-shutoff, several settings, and other safety features? Will you be using it on a desk or standing it on the floor? How quickly do you want to cool the space down?

Here are our recommendations for the best cooling fans:

MeacoFan 1056 Air Circulator: £149.99

Cooling FansApproved by Good Housekeeping Institute 2019, this is portable but still powerful. There are 12 settings, the lowest works at just 20dB but even the highest number is quiet and provides a strong cooling function. This cooling fan has a timer, a light you can turn on or off, a remote control plus buttons on the fan itself. It has an almost 360-degree turn which cools the whole room and the air bounces off the walls to keep cool.

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan: £32.98

Cooling FansThis only has a 90-degree pivot action and 3 settings but for the price, it is a good fan. It is an upgrade on the previous model with 25% less noise output and you can mount this one on the wall or place it on a desk or bedside table. It is good for directing onto a person for a blast of continual cool air.

Chillmax Air Personal Space Air Cooler And Humidifier: £39.99

Cooling Fans

The Chillmax cooler uses cold water to turn hot, dry air into cool air. It therefore refreshes and cools as it blows out a mist of fine cool air rather than dry cool air. Fill up the machine and you get 10 hours use. Enough for a night or a day.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Fan Heater Air Purifier: £549

Cooling Fans

Our most expensive fan here from Dyson but it does have many features. Not only does it cool but you can use it to heat in the winter. There are no blades which makes it incredibly safe if you have children. It purifies the air it captures, removing bacteria, pollen, dust and another allergens. So for people with hayfever or allergies it can be a godsend. You can link it to an app and programme it when you are not at home. The app will also give you info about temperatures, air quality and much more. If you want a purifying machine that cools and heats your house, this is the one for you.

Igenix DF0030 Oscillating Tower Fan: £79.97

Cooling FansWe think this is a good daytime fan for a small office or living room as it isn’t the quietest one we have heard but it does cool quickly and is very powerful for the size and the price. It quickly takes the heat from a small room, making an uncomfortable space liveable again, so you could use it for a child’s bedroom before they go to bed.

Pifco P40015 Portable 16 Inch Pedestal Fan: £59.99

Cooling FansIf you are looking for a simple fan that cools effectively with minimal noise this is a good bargain. The lowest setting registers at 35dB, which is twice as loud as a whisper. There are 90 degrees of oscillation, a timer, and 12-speed settings. You get a remote control and controls on the appliance.

Stadler Form Q Fan: £149

Cooling Fans

For those that want a statement fan that cools quickly this is pretty sophisticated. It cools a large room within a few minutes but, there are drawbacks. It does not oscillate, it is quite loud, and there is no remote control. On the plus side, it looks impressive and it is small, compact and heavy so you won’t knock it over.

EcoAir Zephyr Pedestal Fan-16 Inch: £109.99

Cooling Fans

For the eco-conscious amongst us, this cooling fan uses less power thanks to its energy-efficient motor. You also get a whopping 35 settings, nine of which are actually silent. This fan has an intelligent mode that will turn on the fan if the temperature gets higher than 20°C. It also mimics a natural breeze by varying the speed of the airflow. Other functions include night and sleep mode. A great fan with some interesting additions.

Bionaire Oscillating Tower Fan With Remote Control And Timer: £40

Cooling Fans

If space is a problem, this column fan might be the answer. You get 3 settings, an oscillating function, a timer and remote control. We liked the breeze setting which was quiet but effective. The LED is easy to see and use and for forty quid, it cools effectively for the price.

Dimplex 360 Desk Fan: £59.99

Cooling Fans

Lots of oscillating angles for this cooling fan which comes with 3 settings and a powerful motor which cools up to 20 metres. A good midrange fan that comes with remote control.


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