The Best Conditioning Mascaras to help Eye Lashes Grow

The Best Conditioning Mascaras to help Eye Lashes Grow

If you are not a fan of false eye lashes (and who is apart from Z-List celebrities?) but you are a multi-tasking kind of girl, we might just have the product for you.

Conditioning mascaras are pretty new to the cosmetic industry and different to the growth serums for eye lashes that we’ve featured before on the site.

Growth serums simply encourage the eye lashes to increase in volume and thickness, whereas conditioning mascaras can be worn as a mascara whilst the ingredients promote the same results.

This means that if you have thinning eye lashes you can disguise them whilst using the product. But how do conditioning mascaras work? Well, they contain ingredients such as biotin, plant cell extracts and amino acids, all of which are great for stimulating hair growth.

So really, it’s a choice between a growth serum such as Rodial and a conditioning mascara.

To help you decide, we’ve got some conditioning mascara products below:

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara - $7

This product uses a combination of the wand and the formula to give you thicker lashes. It contains keratin, caffeine and procapil which plump up lashes giving amazing volume. Doesn’t really add to the length, so if you want longer lashes you are better off choosing a different product.

From: target.com

Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24 Hour Mascara - $20

It’s the special wand that does half the work with this conditioning mascara. The three-in-one spiral brush comes with ‘lash-separating spiral bristles’ and a stem that is spiked so it can pick up the lash from the root, whilst the rounded tip reaches even the tiniest corners. As for the product, it is an ultra-black color that comes with conditioning vitamins A and E.

From: Sephora.com

Lashfood Conditioning Drama Mascara - $20

You get amazing volume and length with this conditioning mascara. Its ingredients include a nano-peptide complex which works to strengthen and moisturize your eye lashes. Even small and brittle lashes are transformed, thanks to the super-pigmented color, and the extra-large wand means application is easy.

From: Sephora.com

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes 5-In-1 Mascara - $24

The best-seller amongst our mascaras, and for good reason. This product was developed with the help of plastic surgeons and contains a primer, conditioner, enhancer, curler and tint all in one. Features a fancy wand with a ball on the top that allows you to work the product in from all angles and reach the smallest of lashes. In trials, this mascara proved to increase volume by a whopping 430%. Not surprising when you consider it has all the best ingredients known to promote growth, including collagen, green tea, proteins, biotin, collagen, jojoba, açai, saw palmetto and amino acids. Definitely our favourite.

From: itcosmetics.com

Estée Lauder More Than Mascara Moisture-Binding Formula - $28

Estée Lauder promise more color with this mascara as it has an advanced pigment technology that creates the darkest, deepest jet black you’ve ever seen. The product contains two moisturizers that ensure super-hydration and the special hollow wand makes sure each lash is wrapped in glorious color.

From: macys.com

Lancôme Définicils Precious Cells Mascara - $30

This conditioning mascara contains what the brand is calling a ‘Lash Densifier Complex’, and is made up of ingredients that are proven to encourage hair growth. There’s hyaluronic acid which plumps up the lash with hydration, madecassoside, a plant extract that strengthens weak lashes and arginine feeds the lash. Lovely big wand that distributes the product evenly.  

From: shop.nordstrom.com

Guerlain Maxilash Volumizing And Curling Mascara - $32

A mascara that works in three ways to optimise your eye lash growth. First you get luxurious oils which hydrate and thicken, then the waxes in the product soften the lashes so that it’s easier for you to curl them up, finally the last ingredient ‘sets’ the lashes like hairspray.

From: Sephora.com

  • Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara – $33

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Thickening & Lengthening Mascara - $33

Seaweed lipids are the main ingredient of this product, which work to condition, moisturize and protect the lash from the environment. More of a helping hand for lashes that need a little TLC, rather than an actual growth mascara. It contains natural ingredients and the squeezable tube gives you tons more product than your average mascara.

From: shop.nordstrom.com

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