Ten of the Best Coffee Grinders that Deliver a Superior Quality

There’s nothing wrong with coffee makers, but if you want a more intense cup of coffee you’re better off with coffee grinders. Coffee grinders come in three different varieties; hand grinders, blade and burr. Hand coffee grinders are manual and you have to physically grind the beans yourself. Some people find this a bit too much work first thing in the morning. Blade grinders tend to be at the cheaper end of the scale as they heat the beans up as they grind and this affects the quality. Burr coffee grinders crush the beans and are considered to produce the best quality all-round.

Here are ten of the best coffee grinders in all of the above categories:

Swan Stainless Steel Blade Coffee Grinder: £37.25

Coffee Grinders

This is a blade grinder and is great value as it is a durable machine that is a good balance between the expensive burr grinders and the manual ones. If you want a better quality cup of coffee but are on a limited budget, this is a good option. It does have just the one setting however.

KRUPS GVX2 Expert Coffee Grinder: £42.99

Coffee Grinders

For a few quid more you can upgrade to this burr grinder from Krups and set the grinder to switch off manually or automatically. It also has a setting for the fineness of the beans and you can choose how many cups to grind. A good price for a basic burr grinder.

Dualit Burr Coffee Grinder Black: £79.99

Coffee Grinders

Go up a little more in price and you get this option which includes a mechanism which crushes the beans evenly and gives a superior flavour. It also has a slow spin, at 450rpm which keeps the temperature down and doesn’t overheat the beans which retains more of the flavour. You can program how many cups you want and it will grind the exact amount and you have 10 grind settings. Worth the extra money we think.

Sage The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder: £199.99

Coffee Grinders

This is for the real coffee connoisseurs. For a start, the Sage offers over 60 different grind settings. Then it has a memory which allows you to program in your favourite coffee setting and the coffee grinder will automatically deliver that exact same grind every day. It includes an LED display making it easy to see and operate and it all works at the touch of a button. If you love coffee and drink it every day, you need this machine.

Cuisinart DBM8U Auto Burr Coffee Grinder: £59.95

Coffee Grinders

Another burr grinder here that grinds the beans evenly for a smoother-tasting coffee. You get an impressive 18 grind settings but we think this is a better option for a large family as the cup settings range from 4-18. Nice and quiet operation and easy to clean.

Baratza Encore Grinder: £139.95

Coffee Grinders

Precision grinding here from this burr grinder that includes 40 different grind settings. What we particularly like are the speciality grinds including espresso which is extra-fine for a balanced flavour. The burr spins at a slow 450rpm to reduce heat.

BODUM 10903-73UK-1 Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder: £79.99

Coffee Grinders

This electric burr grinder from Bodum has adjustable grind settings and is our most stylish-looking coffee grinder of all. It uses conical burrs to crush the coffee beans which helps reduce heat and retain the flavour.

Stelton Collar Coffee Grinder: £79.95

Coffee GrindersA manual coffee grinder here that uses a hand mill to grind the coffee beans. You can adjust the coarseness of the beans and there is a lid provided for storing the grounds.

Hario Small Manual Coffee Grinder: £35.00

Coffee GrindersAn old-fashioned-looking manual coffee grinder that uses ceramic burrs for grinding the coffee beans. As a result, the burrs do not give off or retain heat when grinding. This helps to keep the flavour of the ground coffee and deliver a more consistent grind.

Andrew James Powerful Coffee Grinder: £13.99

Coffee Grinders

A blade grinder here that is a really good affordable option and uses a one-button operation. Simple but effective, you can use this coffee grinder for grinding other things too such as spices, nuts and seeds.






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