10 of the Best Christmas Crackers for Children 2019

It’s a ritual for many families, the pulling of Christmas crackers around the table. But which ones deliver a gasp of delight? We’ve selected the ten best children’s Christmas crackers for 2019. Here are our recommendations:

Giftmaker Collection 6 Bingo Christmas Crackers Family Fun Party Game: £5.69

Christmas Crackers for Children

This pack of children’s crackers contains everything you need to play a family game of bingo. You each get a bingo number sheet, a checking chart, bingo lingo and the rules of play. There’s also party hats and a joke. Not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Hasbro Guess Who Crackers: £5.99

Christmas Crackers for Children

A lovely fun version of the Guess Who Game, all contained with this box of Christmas crackers. Each cracker also contains a novelty gift, a motto and party hat.

WOW 6×9″ Pick A Pair Christmas Crackers Family Fun Party Game – Santa, Snowman, Penguin, Reindeer design: £6.99

Christmas Crackers for Children

Play this fun Santa, Snowman, Penguin, Reindeer game after the Christmas celebrations. The crackers contain everything you need including game cards and instructions. You also get a traditional party hat and a joke. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

The Snowman Box of 6 Christmas Crackers Family Party With Gift Hat Stickers: £9.99

Christmas Crackers for Children

If your children love watching The Snowman over Christmas then they will also love this pack of Snowman Christmas crackers. You get trivia questions, a party hat and fun games including activity books, dot-to-dot, word search, or books.

M&S Family Pack of Blue & White ‘Arctic Animals’ Christmas Crackers – 12 Pack: £15.00

Christmas Crackers for Children

Let the fun continue after Christmas lunch with these animal-themed Christmas crackers from M&S. Each one contains a charade to act out, a gift, joke and hat.

Kuckoo Crackers – The 12 Days of Christmas Sing-along Christmas Crackers (12 x 12-inch Crackers): £20.00

Christmas Crackers for Children

Musical families take note (you’re welcome), this pack of Christmas crackers for children features a singing game for all the family. Based on ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ you get a maraca to shake and each family member has to stand up and sing their verse.

Ridleys Spec-U-Late Christmas Cracker Game, Pack of 6, Multi: £25.00

Christmas Crackers for Children

Just call these the Christmas crackers that keep on giving. In the crackers is a twist on the classic version of “Who am I?” You have to guess the name on your glasses and there are 42 name cards, 60 game cards, 6 pairs of fun glasses, hats, jokes and instructions.

Lakeland Racing Festive Friends Christmas Crackers – Pack of 6: £19.99

Christmas Crackers for Children

Why not take to the tracks after Christmas dinner? These crackers feature cute wind-up animals and a racing track. Simply lay the track down, wind up your Christmas runners and take bets. Each animal comes with stick-on accessories.

6 Build and Play Christmas Crackers (Cars, Trucks and Trains Building Block Range): £21.95

Christmas Crackers for Children

Perfect for little ones as this box of crackers contain different sets of building blocks. Your children will love to spend ages making each of the cars, trains and trucks inside the crackers.

Christmas White Reindeer Table Crackers: £28.00

Christmas Crackers for Children

Simple fun for families that are artistic and love a bit of luxury and class. These crackers look stylish and beautiful on the table. Each one is designed to resemble a pure white reindeer complete with a velvet scarf and glittery antlers. Inside are cute antler headbands and festive jokes.


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