10 of the Best Birdhouses for your Garden

Why do you need birdhouses in your garden? Many bird’s natural habitat is in decline and birdhouses are a great way of providing a safe space for them to nest and rear their young. It is also a good way for us to watch birds go about their business and a birdhouse can bring a lot of pleasure and fun to a garden.

Natures Market ER Mail Box Bird House – £12.99

Best Birdhouses

Don’t get this mixed up with a real post-box will you! Designed to look just like a Royal Mail letterbox, this birdhouse is made from a hard-wearing polyresin that looks like wood.

Small Round Birdhouse – £142.50

Best Birdhouses

Make this birdhouse the focal point of your garden. A round barrel design made from eco-friendly timber that features a shingle roof and whitewashed walls. You can position the birdhouse on a pole or attach to a tree.

RSPB Silhouette Classic Apex Nest Box – £18.99

Best Birdhouses

The RSPB know a thing or two about birds it has to be said. If you want a standard birdhouse box with no frills that does what it says on the can this is your best choice. Insulated to keep birds warm in the winter and made without perches to stop predators.

Rex Caravan Birdhouse – £16.95

Best Birdhouses

Isn’t this a treat? A vintage caravan designed for those quirky bird-lovers who don’t want a boring birdhouse, they want a talking point in their garden! Be prepared for all your friends to want to know where you got this birdhouse from.

Surf City Bird House – £39.99

Best Birdhouses

Set your garden birds up in style with this hotel of a birdhouse! It looks like a two-storey house with a balcony on the outside. A real talking point!

Lindleywood Personalised Rainbow Bird Box – £59

Best Birdhouses

This birdhouse shows that you don’t have to settle for boring beige colours. Bright colours of the rainbow adorn this eye-catching bird box which is made in the UK and is eco-friendly.

Castleton Home Floral Acorn Hanging Bird House – £14.99

Best Birdhouses

There’s also no rule that a birdhouse has to made from wood or look like a house. This one is made using a resin stone and comes with a hanging rope. It is weatherproof and hand painted.

Beach Hut Nest Box by Gardman – was £17.99 now £13.99

Best Birdhouses

Very popular with customers who rated it five stars. Made using eco-friendly timber and fitted with a predator protector entrance hole.

dCor Design Basillico Bird House – £88.99

Best Birdhouses

You can buy this with or without the stand but we like it with. Handmade from solid pine with a felt roof, you can also feed the birds through a feeder at the top.

Greenfingers Red Lion Inn Bird Feeder – was £59.99 now £39.99

Best Birdhouses

Got any pub lovers in your family? Then surprise them with this cute birdhouse based on an old inn. Designed just like an old English pub with a large capacity for feeding.

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