Best Bidding Sites for buying and selling

Everyone appears to be familiar with the online bidding site eBay, but with more restrictions placed on sellers and rising charges for listing and final valuation fees increasing, it’s time to ask whether this popular site is losing its grip on the market of auction style sites.

Many other bidding sites have emerged on the internet, some specialising in hand crafted and home-made items, others bidding sites in unwanted pre-owned objects and one bidding site concentrating on your local area. And with sites now offering a one-off membership fee and free listing, should eBay be worried that their monopoly on auction type sites is now over? I’ve had a look at a few of the best bidding sites for buying and selling.


For secondhand items, www.preloved.com is a fast growing bidding site and has built up a good reputation for free listings and, although the typeset could be a little larger, has a quite easy to navigate site. Okay, it is not as professional looking as eBay but you do not have to pay to list or sell.

You can pay to be a member, and this allows you to contact advertisers earlier than non members. Membership is a one-off annual fee of around £5 last time I looked and this means you can contact the seller of the object of your desire immediately as opposed to waiting seven days. Categories include pets and livestock, one option that eBay do not currently offer.


A great auction site, if you are looking for hand crafted items such as original art work and jewellery is www.Folksy.co.uk.


This is a UK-based bidding site where handicrafts are the only things you are allowed to sell. They support unique crafters and designers but also allow suppliers of handmade items to sell here.

It costs 20p to list an item but you can include upto 5 items in your listing so long as they are of the same type, i.e all bracelets, and the listing lasts for 180 days or until the item has sold. Folksy take 5% commission from the sale, cheaper than eBay.

For beautiful handmade jewellery check out www.folksy.com where you can order custom-made bracelets and necklaces using the finest quality fire-polished glass, lamp-work hearts and swarovski crystal beads.


gumtree ads

Gumtree have recently begun to advertise on TV, a sure sign that the website is doing well and thriving in these tough economic times. A local based bidding site, this is particularly useful if you are selling or buying white goods or larger items where distance and freight costs are an issue.

Gumtree have some great categories as well, ‘Rentals’ where you can ask for a house-mate or if you are looking for a flat share then you can post a ‘wanted’ advert, they have a ‘Jobs’ section and a ‘Service’ section where you can find a local plumber or electrician. This is a real community bidding site and as soon as you log on you are taken to your local area. It is free to post in most categories on Gumtree but they do charge for some ads posted in Rentals, Jobs and Services categories.


And lastly www.eBid.net, perhaps the natural successor to eBay, eBid was awarded “Best eBay Alternative” by Webuser Magazine. They got off to a slow start but eBid has grown by 300% more visitors and page views in one year. For a one-off lifetime membership fee of £49.49 you can buy or sell as much as you like with no seller or final fee costs, five free photos per  listing and five free eBid shops. The site is a tidier and cleaner looking one than eBay and although they may not have the traffic yet that eBay enjoy, they are certainly one to watch. Happy Bidding!

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