Best beers for the summer

Drinking beer in the summer is an entirely different affair to winter beer drinking. In the winter, you require warming hops, spicy brews and hearty ales that fill your stomach up and are full of goodness. Summer drinking is all about refreshing, lighter beers that cool us down and are teamed with crushed ice and citrus wedges. This summer has seen a wide range of beers that have included lemon and lime juices, orange additions and even guava puree. We have hand-picked our favourites amongst the well-known brands and some of the lesser known labels.

carling-zestCarling Zest (£3.00 for 4)

So successful last year, Carling Zest is back this summer with a hint of natural citrus. There is the choice of the brilliantly refreshing spiced orange, and Carling have also released a brand new summer flavour, Carling Zest with a refreshing hint of ginger. Perfect for any outdoor dining.

San Miguel Fresca (£4.50 x 4)san miguel

Fresca is the brand new refreshing lager from San Miguel. It uses a unique brewing formula that produces a well-balanced and crisp lager. San Miguel advise that you should serve Fresca with a slice of lime to fully appreciate the refreshing, fruity taste. Ideal in any social occasion.

cobra_beer_new_range3Cobra Indian (£2.09 x 4)

Cobra Indian has won several awards and is brewed to an authentic Indian recipe using only the finest natural ingredients. It has a distinctive, clean and extra smooth taste, with a perfect balance of fullness and bitterness. Refreshing with strong fruit tastes and less gassy than other lagers, it is a crisp and clean lager.

radle_340Fosters Radler (£3.00 x 4)

This famous lager has been cut with cloudy lemon, making it incredibly refreshing and different from many lagers on the market today. Once you get used to the cloudy look you’ll be popping a few in the fridge to get them ice cool for your next barbeque.

imagesPilsner Urquell (£1.99 x 4)

Pilsner Urquell has a gloriously crisp body which is perfect for a summer’s day. Originating from the city of Pilsen in western Bohemia, this beer itself has a rich heritage and combines a history of brewing that has been passed down through the generations. This beer has a subtle sweetness and crisp refreshing taste.

749682Brothers Strawberry/ Pear Cider (£2.09 x 4)

We have included a cider as we are really in love with the different flavours the Brothers have included in their cider range. The Brothers say “It has taken 4 Brothers and 14 generations of cider makers, from the Showering family, to create this unique Strawberry Cider. Served at the Glastonbury festival since 1995. Serve chilled, like Somerset.” Flavours include Strawberry/Pear, Toffee Apple, Premium Apple, Wild Fruit, Festival and Pear Cider.

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