What are the best bath towels for your money?

bath towels

Thick, fluffy and soft bath towels are what makes life feel luxurious, but what makes a bath towel super-fluffy?

It’s all about the weight of the towel, the grams per square metre (GSM). You can get bath towels that weigh anything between 300gsm to 900gsm, with 300-400 considered lightweight, 400-600 medium and 600-900 heavy.

You should also take into consideration the quality of the material with most manufacturers opting for Egyptian cotton and others using Indian Suvin cotton, which is super-silky to the touch.

Finally, the way the cotton is constructed is also important, as there are techniques which increase the softness and absorbency. For example, not twisting the yarn (Zero Twist) gives an extra-soft and fluffier feel, waffle construction, where one side is a terry weave and the other is flat makes a more absorbent towel, and using hollow fibres traps air to create fluffiness.

Now you have all the lingo, here are our recommendations for the best bath towels for your money:

Downland Set of Two Bathsheets – £9

bath towels

With a weight of 450gsm these bath towels are not really heavy but for the price we think they are amazing. They have got brilliant customer reviews online so we had to try them ourselves and we weren’t disappointed. Very soft with a luxurious feel you usually get with more expensive bath towels. Highly recommended.

From: very.co.uk

Low Cost 600GSM Royal Egyptian Luxury Towels – £9.30

bath towels

Royal Egyptian luxury towels made from 100% cotton and weighing 600gsm. These towels are soft, plush, and have a really luxurious feel to them. they also come in loads of different colours, including vibrant and neutral.

From: thetowelshop.co.uk

Sheridan Luxury Egyptian Towel Collection – £15

bath towels

If you love sleeping on Egyptian cotton sheets then you’ll love these pure Egyptian cotton bath towels. With a GSM of 660, these bath towels feature a ring-spun pile yarn which means super-absorbency and we love the border around the edges which finishes them off beautifully. Loads of different colours available.

From: sheridanaustralia.co.uk

Marks and Spencer Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towel – £16

bath towels

Using 650gsm, these bath towels are super-absorbent and really soft too. These bath towels will last thanks to the aged fibres and we love the huge variety of colours available. Three different sizes available.

From: marksandspencer.com

Dunelm Ultimate Bath Towel – £16

bath towels

With a gsm of 600 these 100% cotton bathroom towels feature a reduced fibre shedding design and a zero twist pile. They have also been approved by The Good House-Keeping Guide. Lots of colours and sizes available.

From: dunelm.com

The White Company Hydrocotton Towel – £26.00

bath towels

500gsm weight but with a low twist technology which means these bath towels will stay soft and fluffy and super-absorbent throughout their lifetime. Feels slightly lighter than some of our other towels. Available in colours slate (shown), pearl grey, white and stone.

From: thewhitecompany.com

John Lewis Ultimate Suvin Towels – £32.00

bath towels

650gsm weight and using rare Indian-grown suvin cotton yarn creates a silky-soft bath towel. It is also combine with a hollow fibre that traps air when you are tumble drying the towels which makes them super fluffy and highly absorbent.

From: johnlewis.com

Cox and Cox Cross Woven Towel – £35

bath towels

Made from 100 per cent pure cotton, this bath towel has an absorbent textured finish and is part of an exquisite design from Denmark. Available in pink (shown) and soft grey, it dries well and there are also matching items.

From: coxandcox.co.uk

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