These are the Best Allotment Tools you can’t live without

Allotment Tools

We are in the middle of allotment season and many keen gardeners who have their own patch of land are gearing up to harvesting in a few weeks’ time. For seasoned allotment holders however, they know that you don’t just plant and harvest to get results in August and September. Allotments are a year-round project for many and there are tons of fruit and vegetables that can be grown in winter and harvested in the New Year.

This means that many holders will require a variety of allotment tools to see them through, from hoes and secateurs, to pea sticks and twine. We have selected the allotment tools we think you cannot live without, if you are going to have a successful crop throughout the year:

Digging Fork – Bulldog Evergreen – £30

Allotment Tools

Most people will need a sturdy digging fork in order to turn over the ground before they even think about what to plant. This one from Bulldog is a solid forged fork with an epoxy coating to help prevent rust and made from durable carbon steel. It has an ergonomically designed handle covered in a non-slip material and will last you for years.

From: myallotmentplot.co.uk

Sneeboer Royal Dutch Hoe – £58.95

Allotment Tools

Once you have dug over your patch of land you’ll need to get rid of any weeds that are left over. This is a Dutch invention but is becoming increasingly popular with gardeners all over the world. Made from stainless steel, there is a zig zag edge that slices through the hardiest of weeds when you push it through the soil, and the hook edge on the reverse side then cuts them on the pull action. Lightweight but sturdy, the long handle helps to make this weed cutter a cinch to use.

From: harrodhorticultural.com

Spear & Jackson Carbon Steel Dibber – £13.99

Allotment Tools

Now that the soil has been turned over and there are no weeds to be seen you’ll be wanting to plant out seeds. The best way to ensure that the seeds get deep enough into the earth is to use a dibber, a tool that simply makes a hole in the ground for you to pop a seed into it. You can get dibbers that are plastic from around £2 but we like this one from Spear & Jackson, made from Carbon Steel and with a nice long handle.

From: test.contact25.com

Burgon & Ball Seed and Plant Spacing Rule – £14.99

Allotment Tools

Satisfy your need for precision and get the job done in half the time with this spacer rule for planting seeds. Using the dibber above  or the one provided, all you need to do is place the ruler on the ground where you want to grow your crops and dib away, popping in a seed as you go, We like the fact this ruler has specific spacing’s along it for different plants, ensuring they are not too close together.

From: amazon.co.uk

Faithfull Hand Fork Stainless Steel – £6.25

Allotment Tools

There’s no point having a huge digging fork for smaller jobs like working the top soil, removing weeds or transplanting seedlings. This hand fork is perfect for those smaller jobs and is made with stainless steel and features a wooden handle.

From: uktoolbox.com

Gardening Seat & Tool Bag – £20.00

Allotment Tools

Described as the ‘perfect height for weeding or sowing seeds’, this handy seat features a tool bag that detaches easily and has loads of compartments for all your allotment tools. There are multiple side pockets that open with press studs and the whole seat folds down neatly, ready to be stored in a shed or garage. Ideal gift for an older gardener.

From: greenhousesensation.co.uk

Giant Easy Poly Tunnel – £11.99

Allotment Tools

Now that you have planted your first few crops and got rid of any unwanted weeds, you’ll want to protect the fragile seedlings whilst they grow. This mesh grow tunnel is ideal for any plant that reaches a height of 40cm or less. It’s super easy to put up, and not only keeps out pesky birds and insects but warms the soil offering shelter from the elements. Dimensions are L: 3m W: 60cm H: 45cm and hoops are included.

From: gardenessentials.co.uk

Fold-A-Frame Plant Support – £14.99

Allotment Tools

There are some gardeners that swear by canes when it comes to supporting vegetables such as runner beans or peas, but this plant support frame can be used in a variety of ways, and that’s why we like it. Use it as a divider in your allotment and plant berries alongside it, or as a traditional runner bean planter, the choice is yours. There are four hinged panels that measure 33cm wide x 110cm high and can be positioned in a number of ways.

From: greenhousesensation.co.uk

Walsall Plastic Wheelbarrow – 90L – £29.99

Allotment Tools

Arguably the most essential allotment tool, the wheelbarrow, which can be used for anything from transporting soil or compost to the site or getting rid of weeds. This one is made from heavy duty plastic and has a 90L capacity with a weight of 10kg.

From: homebase.com


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