Bengay: the Sore Muscle and Joint Rub You Can Rely on

Sore muscles are an issue we all deal with at times. If you have a pain disorder or perform a lot of heavy physical labour or exercise, then joint and muscle pain may well be a part of your daily life. But with Bengay you can relieve this pain easily and efficiently through the application of a soothing rub.

Bengay and its corresponding products, Deep Heat and Tiger Balm, are formulated to help provide pain relief from muscle and joint aches. The ingredients include menthol and an analgesic which will soothe the muscles both through the heating and cooling effect of the menthol and the penetration of the analgesic itself, which reaches the site causing pain and helps your muscles to relax.

What many people do not know about muscle and joint pains is that the majority of the pain is often caused by tension. Your body’s natural response to pain is to tense up, and this exacerbates the level of pain you feel as you effectively develop an ongoing cramp in these areas. As such, Bengay and related products can help bring you huge amounts of relief by allowing your muscles to relax and stop cramping up.

Not only does the rub itself help your muscles relax and the original pain to diminish or disappear entirely, the action of rubbing it in can also help. It is, of course, especially effective if you can talk your partner into rubbing it in for you as this allows you to relax more as a whole, too.

Taking a tube of Bengay with you to the gym is a good idea, and if you do suffer from a pain disorder or a painful illness, it can be important to carry some along wherever you go. As you never know when you will need some instant relief, having it with you is a good plan.

In terms of coping with serious amounts of pain, it remains extremely important that you visit your doctor and ensure there is nothing dangerous going on in your body. As long as you are sure this is the case, you can be equally sure that Bengay can often bring a modicum of relief. On top of your existing medical regime, a bit of Bengay can be a good way to take the edge off when and if the pain becomes too much for your medication to control. Make sure, of course, that you read through any instructions and discuss this with your doctor; if you are, for example, prescribed a different cream or are sensitive to any of Bengay’s ingredients, then it will be a bad idea to use it. But you can always ask either your doctor or your chemist for advice if you have doubts.

So if you need a bit of relief, consider using Bengay to reduce muscle and joint pains when you need to get them to relax and to address the original pain at the same time. Good luck and feel better!

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