Benefits of Henna in various hair treatments

Healthy with Henna

Healthy with Henna

Henna has been widely known since ages as a cure for various skin and hair issues. It has a number of properties such as being anti-irritant, anti-microbial, astringent, helps in the prevention of water from the body, smooth ens the skin, improves blood circulation etc.

Due to these various properties possessed by henna, it is used in a number of natural and herbal hair products such as hair oils, shampoos, conditioners etc. to name a few. Henna is widely known to reduce hair loss and decrease the thinning of the hair to a great extent.

It is also a natural product which helps cure dandruff and other skin problems. The other Ayurveda benefits of henna are known to be helpful in curing leprosy, arthritis, skin ailments etc.

Henna is extensively used by most hair care manufacturers these days as a hair colorant, hair conditioner, hair shampoo, hair dye and hair oil. Henna is also very popular among women as a temporary tattoo on the various parts of body such as palms, hands, feet, nails etc.

Henna is also used in dying wool and leather other than its usage as a hair coloring agent. Henna is usually obtained in most stores and beauty parlors in the powered form. A paste can be made along with other additives or simply water and applied very conveniently to the hair and other body parts.

Henna as a hair care product is completely natural and safe to be used for the hair. Since it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals it is a better alternative to the commercial dyes and bleaches. Henna used regularly for about 2-3 times in a month is effective in decreasing dandruff from the hair and reduces the hair fall to a great extent. It also helps in the repair of the damaged hair follicles thereby inducing hair growth and repair the split ends. Since henna promotes healthy growth of hair, it helps in making the hair long. This makes henna a popular cosmetic item by and far.

The true color obtained by the application of henna to hair is a warm shade of copper or auburn. It is a royal reddish-brown color which looks very striking indeed! However, if you aren’t satisfied with this shade, you can add some coffee while making the henna paste. This is give a darker shade to the hair and is completely natural and safe.

Though henna applied on its own is sufficient for hair care, still many people add various things to henna for increasing the desired results. Many beauticians are known to add tea or coffee, egg, hair oil, curd, lemon juice, asparagus, basil, other herbs etc. While few people prefer to apply henna with only egg white, most other people blend the entire egg well in they henna paste. This is done to increase the conditioning capacity of the henna. Curd is added to prevent the drying of hair and to increase the shine of the hair. Henna is well-known to treat hair loss mainly because it blends well with the natural proteins of the hair and thus stimulate the growth of the hair. Henna is not applied by people just because they are suffering from hair fall or damaged hair.

Rather, many people prefer to incorporate the application of henna on a regular basis in order to maintain the health of the hair. Henna balances the pH of the scalp, heals the hair shaft, repairs and seals the cuticle and thus prevents the premature falling of hair. It is also a known fact that henna reverses the effect of pollution and drying of hair due to excessive use of hair dryers. In essence, application of henna is considered to be an extremely safe and natural option for hair care.

Henna has coloring properties so it prevents the premature graying of hair and gives your tresses a rich and royal color. Application of henna not only gives the hair a striking color but also increases the shine of the hair. It nourishes the hair making them soft and silky in a natural way. Though application of henna is a messy and time-consuming job, it is an excellent way of getting naturally healthy hair.

So pamper your beautiful tresses with henna today and see the difference for yourself!

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