Benefits of attending a fitness class

If you’re the type of person who needs motivating to exercise, then maybe attending a fitness class is for you. Have a look below at how different classes not only help you to get fit, but also benefit your health in other ways, too:

Yoga – this has been used as meditation in the Far East for many years, as well as a form of exercise. Yoga is now extremely popular worldwide, and is a great way to exercise, lose weight and relax your body. Commitment is key in yoga, as well as learning the correct posture and technique. Yoga helps to control weight loss as it also reduces your appetite, making you eat less as a consequence. Additionally, yoga helps to get a better posture, reducing back pain and common back problems, such as sciatica. Your mental health can also be boosted through this form of exercise, as a result of the meditative aspects and the level of concentration used throughout the yoga class.

Pilates – One of the best aspects of attending a Pilates class is that there are a huge amount of mental and physical benefits to be felt from it. When the muscles in our body are weak, they make compensations for each other; such as if we have a back problem then our hips and legs will adjust themselves accordingly. Whilst this is good to get us through the problem, it is damaging to our health in the long run. Pilates, therefore, encourages you to think about how you move your body on a daily basis, heightening your awareness to this issue and improving your overall ability and strength. A Pilates class is known for being quite intense, as it involves exercises focusing on your abdominal muscles, legs, arms and back. However, it is great for improving your overall wellbeing.

Spin – Spinning is a cardiovascular class, carried out on a stationary bike. This form of exercise not only burns a large amount of fat, but it also increases your overall fitness level quite dramatically, as a result of the energy used throughout. Spinning is also good for your joints, as there isn’t a huge amount of strain put on them during activities such as running. An average spinning class lasts around 45 minutes, with people of all different fitness levels being able to participate in the same class, thanks to the bikes resistance knob being adjusted accordingly.

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