The ultra flexible ultrabook: Bend me Shape Me

The American Breed song “Bend Me, Shape Me” has already featured in television commercials for Flexon eyeglass frames and Mercedes-Benz station wagons as well as a 2002 advert for Gap stretch jeans.Lenovo-Ideapad-Yoga-13

But if the developers at Intel were looking for a soundtrack for their new products, they could do worse than the classic penned by Scott English and Larry Weiss.

For the American processor maker has teamed up with three other technology giants to introduce a new type of Ultrabook which you can flip into a sleek laptop format or a tablet.

Due to be released in time to take advantage of the Christmas market, Intel has partnered with Toshiba, Dell and Lenovo to make three varying models of the Ultrabook.

Makers are hoping to target the same sort of consumers who have snapped up Apple’s Macbook Air, billed as “the ultimate everyday notebook”.

Intel has already trademarked the term Ultrabook to describe its slim and powerful laptops and its new devices have special features which mean you can move some of the parts so they swivel and fold.

Dell-XPS-Duo-12There’s been no firm indication on pricing just yet, but we do know what the three different Ultrabook models will be called – they will be the Dell XPS Duo 12, the Toshiba Satellite U925T/U920T and the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13.

And while 13 may be thought to be unlucky for some, we’re sure it won’t be for the Lenovo/Intel pairing as this 13inch Ultrabook has a pretty amazing selling point – it can transform from a slim laptop into a large tablet.

You just push the display backwards and the double-jointed hinge allows it to be folded all the way back so, hey-presto, you have a tablet.

It is also thought to have eight hours’ battery life and an 8GB memory.

With the Dell XPS Duo 12, Dell has taken a design we’ve seen before with the Inspiron Duo and updated it for the Ultrabook.

It employs a flippy screen that you can either have faced in to the lid, or out of, giving you tablet or laptop use.

Toshiba’s offerings lay even more choice on the Ultrabook table. The larger U920T is expected to measure 14 inches and come with Toshiba-Satellite-U920Ttough gorilla glass. A memory capacity of up to 6GB is expected with this one.

The Toshiba devices have also been especially designed to sync up to your television, allowing you to access on-demand online content.

The new additions to the Ultrabook family come as new research, from IHS iSuppli, which provides market intelligence to technology companies, claims that Ultrabooks will make up a mammoth 43 per cent of all global PC shipments in 2015, up from 13 per cent this year.

Given that all three new devices are expected to come with high specifications, none will be cheap. Just what the price points are will obviously be a big sway when it comes to which one consumers are tempted to buy.

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