Being the Perfect Host

Having people over for a few nights can be the highlight of social interaction, allowing you to socialise without going out and lending a sense of family to your friendships. But how can you be the perfect host without spending a fortune?

Making your guests feel that their room is a home away from home is important. To his end, it is often best and most gracious to avoid wandering through if you can avoid it. Regardless of the fact that it is your home, knocking before you go in if you should need to grab something out of the guest room, or simply make sure before they arrive that you have everything you’re going to need already.

A crafty host might enjoy making a name tag to attach, with Blu-tack or similar temporary adhesives, to the door of the guest room. This may help your guests feel safe and secure in their guest room, knowing they can relax completely when that door closes. You will find the supplies you need for this at any Hobbycraft or stationery shop in your area.

If your guests enjoy reading, make sure there is some reading material available. A small bookshelf or just a pile next to the bed will do, but try to tailor the books you leave out to the tastes of your guests if you can.

Magazines are a good alternative and many of these will appeal to people who aren’t particularly into reading, as well as to your bookworms. Print off a simple bookmark with a small note on it that the book can be borrowed if it hasn’t been finished, and stick a copy in each of the books where it can’t be missed, so your guests feel comfortable getting stuck in.

Buying a small reading lamp and putting it on the bedside table is an excellent way to make your guest room feel more like a home away from home. If you don’t have a conventional bed or bedside table, improvise; ensure your guests can comfortably read and turn off the light from their place in the bed, on the sofa, or on the air mattress. Lamps can be purchased cheaply at your local supermarket, but DIY or home furnishing shops may have a wider variety for you to choose from.

If you have guests with a specific diet, stick to that diet when cooking or purchasing food where possible. It is a lot more pleasant to have everyone eat the same thing than to feel like you’re alone, and the cause of difficulty. If there is a medical reason for this diet, or if there are any medical concerns at all, you can clear off a shelf in the door of your fridge or in your medicine cabinet and provide your guest with somewhere safe to keep their medication so that it will be safely out of reach of any children.

Making guests feel more at home doesn’t need to cost a great deal of money. With some forethought, you can ensure a happy stay for them and a great sense of satisfaction for you, knowing you are an impeccable host.

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