Being Pestered?

Pests remain a problem, and unfortunately there is a variety of bugs and rodents that can present a problem for your home. Not only can some of these damage the structural integrity of your house, they can also present unhygienic circumstances and be a menace to your comfort and peace of mind. But getting rid of them can be a bit of an issue, and knowing where to start is important.

Household pests range from mice to fleas, but can also include silverfish, woodlice, and essentially any animal or insect that can invade your home in numbers large enough to disturb your life.

The most important part of extermination is education. If you plan to shell out a large amount of money for a professional exterminator then you want to know precisely what to expect from them. If you know about the pest that plagues you then you can ensure your exterminator follows all the procedures he or she needs to. That means knowing which questions to ask him and sticking rigorously to any plan he explains to you. Follow his recommendations and err on the side of caution when it comes to being around the pesticides or traps set out. You don’t want to take a risk with poisons.

If your pest also infests your pets (try saying that three times fast!) you will find it’s necessary to treat your pets as well and ensure they don’t carry on re-infecting your household. The exterminator will be able to advise you as to the best procedure for you to follow, and your pet may be able to give some input as well.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and knowing how to prevent your infestation from recurring is worth its weight in gold. The internet is by far your biggest ally in this venture and knowing precisely how to prevent the infestation from coming back can be achieved by Googling extensively for the appropriate search terms.

Before you pay a large amount of money for an exterminator, check your local council’s website. For certain pests, the council offer a free extermination service to ensure surrounding homes aren’t affected. Even pests which are not free to exterminate only cost a small amount of money, and as the council employs only the most professional exterminators you will be able to rely on their ability to tackle even a large-scale infestation.

It’s no fun when your home is overrun by bugs, mice or rats. But with the right tools for the job you can reverse the infestation and reclaim your home for its human inhabitants. Good luck!

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