Bed rails to keep your toddler safe

Toddler bed with bed rail

Children, to the parents (especially the newborns), are perhaps the most precious things. Every parent has different ways and styles of expressing their care and concern towards their little ones. Children are safe and secure during the day, when most of the parents are close by to monitor them. Their safety concern arises when parents are not nearby or when they are sleeping during the nights. Most accidents with kids tend to happen during the night when the parents are sleeping and cannot check their kids frequently. To ensure their safety at such times, there are several little aids that can help new parents. Baby monitors and bed rails are a couple of these things that are sure to keep your child safe.

I was not in particular a user of bed rails till my little baby had fallen off from his bed, just a few days after he had moved out of his crib. This incident proved to be an eye opener for me, making me highly concerned about my child’s safety when he is asleep. That’s when I opted for bed rails to give my little one a safe and a peaceful sleep.

Babies outgrowing their cribs need to start sleeping in beds but they are not quite ready to sleep in the bed alone, safely. Bed rails are a solution to such problems. As parents have become extra concerned about their baby’s safety, these bed rails have become increasingly popular. Bed rails reduce the fall off accidents of your babies during their sleep.

The first thing you should consider while buying a bed for your toddler is to buy a bed railed bed. Leaving this apart, you have many choices to choose your little one’s bed. You could buy the type of bed in which the bed rails slide down under the mattress and then comes a foot above the mattress. This rail is designed like a double purpose where you can fold the top half of it during the daytime and fold it back during the nights. You have bed in which the rails are attachable and removable to the bed, in which you could just adjust the rails to the bed when your toddler is going to sleep. You get bed rails with attached pouches covering the entrapment areas. These pouches could be used as prevention to the entrapments and also storing the baby’s stuff in them.

Try to buy bed rails which fit on the either sides of the bed and have safety bed rails straps which will make your bed rails adjustability much easier. Size wise, you get bed rails of half length and full length. Always prefer full length bed rails as these help preventing your baby fall from the bed, while he is sleeping. Most of all, try to avoid those industrial looking bed rails, making your toddler’s bed look like a hospital bed. Instead try buying stylish and pleasing bed rails for your little one. You get bed rails giving you different tenures of guarantee like the 60 days guarantee bed rails, guarantee for 2 years etc. Always buy certified or branded bed rails and those which give a lifetime guarantee, which may fall high on your pockets but serve you the right purpose, for a long time.

Setting up the bed rails in the correct form is the most important matter of consideration. Most of the bed rails are assembled without the tools as the parts are attached together by the use of locking pins or sliding channels. If you buy a bed rail of these kind you have nothing much to do, otherwise, to set up an attachable bed rail all you have to do is just place the rails between the mattress and the spring box of the bed, ensuring that the rail lines up with the baby’s shoulder when he sleeps. Try to maintain at the least 9 inches space between the headboard and the bed rail. Push up the support arms and lock them up.

There are some basic but important things one should remember when they plan to use these bed rails. Use these rails only for children who have outgrown their crib and who can get in and out of the bed, without anybody’s help. Always maintain a space of 9 inches between the headboard and the foot of the bed rail. If you are using wooden rails, make sure the rails are smooth and free from splinters and sharp edges.  While safety is definitely important, comfort of your child is also important!

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