Bed bugs and what you need to know

As the name suggests, the bugs that are usually found in beds are bed bugs. They are parasitic and live on blood for their survival.  One of most common type of such a bug is Cimex lectularis. These are pests which have been found at homes since long. It is not only very difficult but also very tiring to get rid of them of not treated at the correct time because they might cause some unwanted problems.

The name has been derived from the pest’s habitat of homes especially in beds and areas where people sleep. Since bed bugs are small and usually have the habit of sucking blood out of the hosts at night are often not seen by people.

Bed bugs have different kinds of names as well in different parts of the world. They are redcoat, mahogany flat, wall louse, chinches, heavy dragoon, crimson rambler and many more to mention a few.

Though the exact reason for their prevalence have not been deciphered yet people have said that too much travel, unhealthy lifestyle, dirty homes, irregular pest control programs and usage of second-hand goods without cleaning them well provide some of the best places for the bugs to stay. Sometimes bed bugs are can also come from pet or wild animals as well.

It is always better to use your own and fresh linen and always make sure that when you have animals or pets at your home you use good ways to clean and disinfectant your house because bed bugs can be very dangerous to humans sometimes. Since you do not understand the bites of the bugs as it takes place when you are asleep you often tend to think that you have bitten by an insect or a mosquito and tend to ignore it. But as and when you start developing an allergy you sometimes have to go for a long-term medication.

The best way to treat bed bugs and their assaults are to use different chemicals that have flooded the market. Clean your bed sheets well and make sure you also use a topical cream on the effected areas. It is always recommended by doctors that you do not scratch as it might cause infection. Sometimes you can also go for the oral antibiotics for infection. Make sure you consult a doctor before you have them.

Bed bugs are usually human parasites and they live on warm blood. As soon as you see red marks on your body do not ignore it. Change your linen and if needed you should also go for a new bed. Sometimes bugs are also found in beds that are old. They are very irritating and kids can also suffer. Since kids have much sensitive skin and deep sleep they have the tendency of suffering more from the bites. So before the bugs get your whole family, do something to make it right. 

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